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  1. carnageX

    Let's talk mice..

    I have a Logitech G700s...I'm going to be sad when it dies since they don't make it anymore. Wired / wireless, plenty of buttons, stored profiles...all the good stuff. I have a G602 wireless mouse at the office; have shortcuts in Visual Studio tied to the side buttons for that mouse.
  2. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    :LOL: My time is a bit more spread-thin nowadays, 3 kids and all now. I'll jump on it if you pay me tho! :p That said...I did have some time a month or so ago, and made some updates to the roulette app, and incorporated some statistics into it (like what was shown in the previous screenshot)...
  3. carnageX

    The Best Online Anti-Cheat Software?

    You already have a topic open on this; no need for another.
  4. carnageX

    And we're back - Techist Updates and Account Help

    Huzzah! Now...can we get a dark theme? :D
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    I have everything set to dark theme that I can; home and work. Work especially, since I'm staring at code a lot of the day.
  6. carnageX

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Maybe we'll finally get a dark theme.
  7. carnageX

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    My thoughts as well. PP is referencing that the merger and update has been promised for years now (around 4 or or 5?). And upgrades to vBulletin had been promised in the past by previous owners...10 years ago. We're running an extremely old version of vBulletin; Xenforo is much more modern...
  8. carnageX

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Oh **** whaddup
  9. carnageX

    Whats happening with the Forums.

    Hopefully moving to Xenforo :p
  10. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    I would assume so.
  11. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    What exactly about it? The winning #'s are displayed on the right I see - which my app already does, just in a different format. Difference I see is that display also has the %'s listed.
  12. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    The web app I wrote & attached above works similar to this way. The number does not disappear however - it stays on screen in a "last 10 numbers" column, until 10 more numbers have been chosen, or you click the "Clear History" button. You use a mouse to click the roulette entry that you...
  13. carnageX

    how to stop a site from reloading which takes a long time

    Do the questions that load change depending on your answer? I would assume they do, otherwise the loading behavior is just odd design from a programmatic standpoint. I've never used OkCupid, so I'm not sure how it works.
  14. carnageX

    how to stop a site from reloading which takes a long time

    That'll only work for whole-page refreshes. Sounds like the site is doing partial post-backs, or Ajax queries from javascript to load content. Can you scroll through the whole questionnaire to pre-load all of the questions, and then go back and answer them? Is this during a "peak time" when...
  15. carnageX

    how to allow location sharing on microsoft edge

    @OP: do you have location access turned off in Windows 10 settings?
  16. carnageX

    how to allow location sharing on microsoft edge

    Edge and Chrome are the same thing now - both use the Chromium engine. Chrome just has Google customizations.
  17. carnageX

    what is different in internet explorer reeendering pages?

    IE used a proprietary engine (Trident) that MS created, that didn't follow web standards - they made up/followed their own standards. This is why web developers hate IE, because they always had to add in checks if the user was using IE vs a standards-conforming browser (Firefox, Opera, Chrome...
  18. carnageX

    can someone explain how to download the audio files here?

    Inspect Element on the Play button. Find the "<audio>" element. Click the Play button, and the "src" attribute will load. Right click the link, choose "Open in new tab". On the new tab, right click anywhere, and choose "Save as..." and it should try to save the file as an MP3 file. Note...
  19. carnageX

    handwritten table convert into excel table

    What's the format of the handwritten table? Can you post an example?
  20. carnageX

    Online Database System?

    Something simple that you could set up could be a sitebuilder site (such as Wordpress) (or if you have your own website/domain, host Wordpress on there as a subdomain or something similar). Then you can create a page per item, with whatever information you would like on them. Then you can put...
  21. carnageX

    Developing a RDP solution

    Would need a Windows Server machine/VM running with the application installed in order for it to accept 5-8 people simultaneously (assuming this scenario).
  22. carnageX

    handwritten table convert into excel table

    Are you proficient in softare development? If so, what languages? +1 to OCR. If you're developing your own software to do this, see if your preferred language has OCR libraries (most do nowadays).
  23. carnageX

    Developing a RDP solution

    Sounds like OP wants to share an application to remote users. A solution such as a Citrix Server ($$$) would be required. Not sure if there any alternatives (cheaper or free).
  24. carnageX

    Online Database System?

    Exactly what kind of information would you be logging for each item? Name, description, price, URL for history to somewhere (e.g. wikipedia article)?
  25. carnageX

    online webinar recording software for Win 10

    I'd say OBS is the big one now; it's what streamers use for Twitch - but you can also send it to a local file instead of a streaming service.
  26. carnageX

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Same - now life is just getting in the way so I don't have as much time to dedicate.
  27. carnageX

    wifi router being hacked

    What router? May have vulnerable firmware - check to see if the manufacturer has an updated firmware version. There was a big list of vulnerable devices several months ago.
  28. carnageX

    Unable to create New partition for Unallocated Space

    Nevermind, you're right. It was changed how it worked - my bad.
  29. carnageX

    Unable to create New partition for Unallocated Space

    Quick vs Full is the same, as far as partition table/"deleting" files goes. Full format just also checks for bad sectors (which is why it takes longer) :).
  30. carnageX

    Unable to create New partition for Unallocated Space

    Formatting doesn't write 0's to the drive - it usually just breaks the partition table, and marks sectors as writable (in regards to HDD's and/or normal formatting at least). This is why after formatting a drive, you can usually recover, as long as you don't write anything else to the drive.
  31. carnageX

    recommend me a light-weight browser?

    The new Edge is up there too, since it's Chromium based but doesn't have all of the Google integrations with it.
  32. carnageX

    Multiple keyboard keys held at once are not working

    If you want to stick with mechanical, just get some dampener o-rings. I have a set on my mechanical keyboard at work, and I don't get any complaints. I don't get much for complaints at home, with my non-dampened mech kb if I play games tho either lol.
  33. carnageX

    Multiple keyboard keys held at once are not working

    Sounds like ghosting then. Not really a software solution, other than rebinding the keys. You'd have to get a different keyboard, possibly one that advertises against ghosting.
  34. carnageX

    Multiple keyboard keys held at once are not working

    Check it here to check if it's keyboard ghosting/issue with n-key rollover:
  35. carnageX

    hard disk hdd strange problem - WDC WD3200AAKS

    First thing I would do is check Event Viewer. Under Windows Logs -> System, see if you have errors related to the hard drive, especially Bad Sector/Bad Block errors. If you do...back up what you can. You may need to boot off of a Linux LiveCD to copy files, as Windows really does not like...
  36. carnageX

    Motitor problem

    How is it connected to your computer? If it's DVI or VGA, make sure the cable is secure. If you can, try the monitor on a different computer, or a different monitor on the computer (or even TV).
  37. carnageX

    File converter SW

    FFMpeg if you wanted to do it through command line:
  38. carnageX

    Passwort reset functionality with iOS

    Have you compared UEM to AirWatch?
  39. carnageX

    3 SSIDS Question

    I've had issues in the past naming my 5GHz and 2.4GHz SSID's the same; so I ended up having to name them differently.
  40. carnageX

    Adblocker for Google Chrome. do I need it?

    I use uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger to block ads/tracking. If you're worried about Google tracking via Chrome - then use a different browser. Edge is based off of Chromium (what Chrome is based off of), so that would give you a similar experience. There's also FireFox and Vivaldi, 2 other...
  41. carnageX

    IIS Crypto... What is the point of "Client" settings?

    Pretty much this. The company I work at recently switched servers to only TLS 1.2, and we've been having to update older applications that broke because of it; they did not support TLS 1.2, so we had to add support to them.
  42. carnageX

    is there a site that i can use to compare different computer configurations to see which is faster?

    There's some pretty basic sites out there that compare synthetic benchmarks (PassMark, CPUBoss, etc.). But those don't really compare much for "real world" performance (browsers uasge, games, everyday apps, etc.) - only specialized, synthetic benchmarks.
  43. carnageX

    Convert a portable software to an installer?

    There isn't really much difference between a "portable" app and an "installed" app besides where the files go. And installed app usually goes into Program Files/user folder (or wherever you place the installed files during the wizard), and gets a registration put in Add/Remove programs, any...
  44. carnageX

    Smart devices

    It would probably be better to buy your own modem and router, and have your ISP switch you to your own modem, and then connect your router to the new modem. That way you control your network hardware, and not your ISP.
  45. carnageX

    New Member - Searching for a Roulette specific app/software/script

    Sweet, glad it's of use. Not a problem.
  46. carnageX

    New Member - Searching for a Roulette specific app/software/script

    Ok, posted a new version... let me know what you think:
  47. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    New Version as requested in this thread: Might put it up on my Github later.
  48. carnageX

    New Member - Searching for a Roulette specific app/software/script

    Oh those are pretty easy changes then. I can sure look into doing that. My free time is pretty limited these days, but I can sure make the changes. Those shouldn't take long.
  49. carnageX

    New Member - Searching for a Roulette specific app/software/script

    Does the one that I wrote 2 years ago not have the feature set you need? It's a simple web app that you can run from a PC, and just manually click the # that spun. If you're needing it to be hosted somewhere, and actually interface with your board...that's a different beast altogether.