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    performance slowly degrading

    It may also be worth physically dusting the system - especially the GPU - if the issue has worsened over time and is specific to games. I'd recommend also running a memtest if you can:
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    I'm really impressed by how bad things are there in Texas. I'm surprised people aren't on the streets demanding the Governor's head.
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    Web security appliance vs DNS filtering

    Potentially, but probably not, no. It'd certainly affect using the service and sending emails, but receiving shouldn't be as much of an issue but this is config-dependent.
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    Mark McCormick Ireland Tech Entrepreneur

    Welcome, Mark! What end of tech are you working in?
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    Basic Linux Commands ..

    I'd recommend running a combination of both. Some things are much easier and nicer to do in Linux, so I'm usually SSH'd into my Linux server from my main Windows machine, which is mostly for gaming.
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    Gtx 970 unknown mosfet burned

    Haha, what're the chances? Nice one PP
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    AJR's Neotheater. Loved their 2nd Album "The Click", Neotheater is a good progression for them;
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    Today, the DOOM Eternal and How to Train Your Dragon soundtracks.
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    What Song Or Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    We actually have a thread for this already!
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    Mobile Apps and Gadgets have brought in digital revolution, will it replace paper completely?

    It's very rare that I ever use anything that's printed on paper. For my new job all contracts, IDs, signatures etc. were digital and absolutely all my notes and communication is digital since it's 100% work-from-home. All my bills are paperless. All medical, banking, governmental communication...
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    Facing issues with the cloud platform.

    Any software, even with the most rigorous and lengthy QA, will turn out to have bugs once released into the wild. There are just too many variables - and those variables change over time as browsers, protocols, technologies etc. are updated - in order to catch everything. The best you can do is...
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    I am, but in my new job I'm in multiple meetings a day and have a good webcam for it, so I make use of it for Discord too.
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    Scan Networks with a broken wireless card?

    It's probably not the the Wifi if it's able to see networks, but that's not definite. Try setting up a hotspot on your phone and seeing if it can connect to that?
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    New Tech Channel

    I'd have a look and maybe subscribe, but unfortunately you have no videos on the channel :P
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Good to know that tagging works :D Yeah I messaged Spud back via inbox.
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    Web security appliance vs DNS filtering

    It also reduces load on the firewall if you're already stopping the traffic at the DNS level before the client ever tries to generate traffic to a URL you want to block. NGFWs can have some monstrous resource requirements (especially with machine learning becoming a standard feature) so the more...
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    When do you feel the radio frequency?

    It worked for Bruce Banner
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    When do you feel the radio frequency?

    This wouldn't be a question of frequency, which isn't the "strength" of a signal - rather, the strength is the amplitude.* To answer the question, it'd have to be in the dozens of watts for it to start to have an effect on the human body (think of a microwave oven, which operates at 700W+)...
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    IBM Parts and Services Spreadsheet I came across !?

    One reasom I'm glad to not currently have kids :D Keeping internet browsing safe sounds like a lot of stress.
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    I.T Careers and where to go next

    Sounds like you're in the UK like myself. Since you have the Level 2 BTEC, I'd look at doing the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ (in that order) certifications. They're general certs that cover a lot of width and some depth, and are recognised industry-wide globally. They're good certs for...
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    The best EU server provider

    Personally I use since they're dead cheap, but that's about all I can recommend about them :P
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    IBM Parts and Services Spreadsheet I came across !?

    Those products that are that price are probably enormous bundles of hardware, software, services, support, etc. for enterprise customers. The single large-item purchase you can get in my line of work is a fully specced PA-7080 firewall, which costs somewhere in the region of $5m even before you...
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    What You've Just Bought!

    As a quick update, I don't recommend it over the C922. The resolution is high and the features are nice, but I wanted quality more than anything else and it's basically just the same as the C920 I was borrowing with a slightly smoother framerate.
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    Hard drive query

    For some reason it looks like the size of the partition size on the drive is smaller than the maximum size of the drive - presumably a misconfiguration by the factory. It might be they make a default partition on their drives and put the image for the 64GB drive instead of the 120GB drive on it...
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    What You've Just Bought!

    It arrived this morning. Immediate thoughts: - Very solid construction, surprisingly heavy. Pretty big too. - Comes with a physical privacy cover, a clip-on flap wide enough to cover all three sensors. - Comes with a heavy-duty USB-C to USB-A cable (Brio side is USB-C, obviously), decent length...
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    You guys and us are having a Covid Competition for who can have the worst response to a pandemic. I think you guys are winning, but we're catching up!
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    What You've Just Bought!

    Sure thing, once it's arrived (it'll be 7-14 days due to Brexit where it previously would've been 2). I'll take some photos and make a thread.
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    What You've Just Bought!

    Bought a Logitech Brio, my new job will involve a lot more meetings so want something decent.
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    How does V2K - Voice to skull work?

    This is neat, but I don't think I'd agree with this: "They are a very faint sound, therefore a person interprets them as their own thoughts." If I started to hear speech in my head I don't see why I'd interpret them as my own thoughts! I'd probably question why I'm hearing speech in my head with...
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    All the best, Trotter - I hope you guys stay okay.
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Inc car allowance, sorry :P It's 42k plus 4.2k car allowance.
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Cyber Security Engineer, bit of a vague title but doing professional services for Palo Alto and Infoblox products, 46.2k in car allowance.
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    CB radios, bit before my time :D Accepted a job offer yesterday, jumps my pay about 30% with a much higher potential ceiling (I'm basically at the pay ceiling at my current place). My current work really wanted to keep me, couldn't match the offer and were really nice about it.
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    I launched it this morning (pre-ordered on GOG) and while I'll probably play, I was slightly unimpressed at the default graphics options the game gave me left me at around 10fps at best (it gave me Ultra RTX at 4K@60 on a 2070 Super xD). I can play tolerably on medium-high, with some things I...
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    YouTube audience expansion.

    Something you'll want to search is "SEO" (Search Engine Optimisation) which is a set of techniques used to optimise your content for search engines, and these days The Algorithm sitting behind every content network. As an FYI, I had a look at the channel and you've got a Subscriber. I picked a...
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    256gb ram?

    I was surprised recently where I tested if I'd need to upgrade my desktop from the current 2x8GB 3600 set, but I barely touch 16GB even when maxing out my usual use cases. It's a shame too, as I was tempted to add a 2x16GB 3600 set to that. I *might* go for 32GB next year, but I doubt it'll be...
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Very nice! Of the reviews I've watched I've been quite impressed, and your impressions seem to match. I wouldn't mind one if it didn't run macOS :P
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    That's what I figured. I also remembered while watching Linus' 6700/6800XT video that I use RTX Voice for my voice acting side gig, and so I'm kinda stuck getting a Nvidia GPU next anyway :P
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Now I need to wait until my bonus in April, which is when I'll be getting a new GPU. Which do you reckon would be the best bet with a £700 budget (given that I game on 4K)?
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    What You've Just Bought!

    Since I'm switching between my work laptop and my personal desktop a lot, I picked up a Logitech G604 since it connects to multiple devices simultaneously. Seems a decent purchase so far.
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    Redundant router for failover

    This is definitely feasible, and exists in a majority of business environments (well, less so an entire redundant wireless network, but the general idea!). When you say wireless router are you referring to an actual router, or just a wireless switch (AP (access point))? If you have two...
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    What is your favourite audio format?

    Personally, I only listen to 32kb/s WAV files encoded in the early 90s played through the free Sony-Ericsson headphones I found in a drain powered by a headphone output of 1ohm
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    What is your ISP speed?

    My residential connection here isn't great (80/20) and so I've upgraded to the business BT package here (300/50). Not ideal, but gets me a dedicated IPv4 address so don't need to faff with DDNS any more. I'll soon be delivering remote training so want the extra upload for what is essentially...
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    What You've Just Bought!

    That's very cool. I'd love to hear more about what it's been like moving there?
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    Random Chit Chat

    This is the point where a European like myself would normally swoop in to get in a low blow, but as far as I know care for veterans is bad everywhere, including here in the UK.
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    What Are You Currently Listening to?

    So, I've switched from Google Play Music to Spotify. Google is moving everyone over to YouTube Music which frankly is pretty bad and so far from what I want in a music app. Liking it so far, and the Discover queue is more effective than Google's equivalent.
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    I have Visionary, but I use ProtonMail for my professional email ( and the VPN and, soon their calendar and storage solutions, and it also gives me enough storage and VPN slots for family and friends to use.
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    This is precisely what we do working in support. We've even named the Onenote "STONE" - Support Team One(note)
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    I use ProtonVPN, which is free because of people like me who pay for their other services too. No real privacy issues with them* :) That I know of, and companies can change over time