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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    The Beatles - Let it be
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    File security software NordLocker is on sale

    Hi, recently got an email about a holiday deal by NordLocker. They launched their christmas sale and give 81% discount on 3yrs plan. I work as a freelancer, and personally use this app to encrypt my photo projects to keep them truly safe. In my opinion, it's a very great offer for a high quality...
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    Photo editing software

    I've only heard about this software, but I'm a long-term user of PS.
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    Google Drive Data Encryption

    I had VeraCrypt for about six months and it was working ideally. However, the quality of app had a big impact and I leant towards the app that was easier to use and had superior UI. I’m talking about NordLocker ( ). So far I’m using freemium account (it has 5 gb of...
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    Xbox One mandatory day one update

    Thanks for info.
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    Safari Troubles

    Thanks, guys. Your advices were valuable for me as well.