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    What is Bitcoin?

    To quote from a fairly comprehensive article on Bitcoin ( that I think is a good definition: "Bitcoin is an electronic store of value and medium for trade, that uses a combination of algorithms and other code to replace the need for a trusted...
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    What a great forum

    Glad I stumbled across this place - awesome community. Looking forward to getting involved :p
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    iPhone 5 bricked

    Yep sounds jailbroken to me check out
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    Free Website for Programmers

    If you need a site to help with learning programming, Stackoverflow is the largest and best place by far. The first guy was saying that you don't need anything else other than Stackoverflow (which is true) and he was also implying that you should already know about this site by now (because...
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    Looking for High DA

    If you type how to find free high da backlinks into search engines you should get something