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    Adblocker for Google Chrome. do I need it?

    I second uBlock Origin. It's fantastic and I haven't seen a single ad in years
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    inherited a 6 month old laptop that is super slow. are the specs bad or is

    Replacing the HDD with an SSD would increase the speed noticeably
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    20 Worst nintendo games ever

    Well I actually enjoyed playing Mighty Bomb Jack
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    Upcoming movies you're excited about

    Can't wait to see Tenet. Hopefully corona is over by then
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    Photo editing software

    Start by practicing with editing photos and then watch YouTube videos if you want to know how to do something specific
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    What kind of a port is this?

    That's a USB Type B 2.0 port. Really common on printers and on most monitors to enable built-in ports
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    Just posting my new rig - carbide 275r build rgb

    How much of a pain is flipping the GPU like that? I can imagine that you have somehow wired the rear ports?
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    ultrawide OLED 7680x2160 monitor?

    Because there's not enough people willing to buy them, which makes the manufacturing cost and R&D not worth it
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    Apple fined for slowing down

    I have been avoiding updating my iPhone SE since I noticed my old iPhone 4 gradually slow down with every update
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    Been listening to THEY. - Africa
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Well it seems to be the right time to contribute here as well