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    There's something on my Monitor

    Could be. Even the expensive monitors are cheap and clattily built. There is a glass screen between the actual screen and outside and this is NEVER sealed. Dust and in my case, thrips, (look it up,) got between my screen and the outer protective layer. I think though that yours looks more like...
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    Windows XP

    I have noticed that YouTube vids are pretty awful at the moment. I think there is a problem with YouTube rather than it having anything to do with Windows. I have just installed Win 10 32 bit on an old old netbook that I have. It is an Emachines with an Atom processor and 2 gig of RAM. It is a...
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    Windows XP

    Whilst we are on the subject of off topic, to an extent. I have just downloaded the latest Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft to reinstall my laptop. This is a Toshiba laptop that hasn't had any problems in the past with clean installs using the MS ISO but using the newest version it will not pick up...
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    Windows XP

    Now I might well be wrong with this cos Windows XP was a long long long time ago. Anyway back in the Win XP days security was somewhat lax and ascii codes were what was used, I think I used A1B1C1D1E1 or something like that. Don't worry I don't use that any more. I would think that that would be...
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    Mobile Apps and Gadgets have brought in digital revolution, will it replace paper completely?

    I sincerely hope not I like my bills on paper. I have to say though that since computers have taken over I get much more paperwork than I used to get. In the old days, something you lot wont know about, I used to get a handwritten receipt that I stuck on to sharpened wire stake. Now when I buy...
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    Is it still more economical to build vs buy?

    Thing is if you build your own you know exactly what you are getting. Manufacturers work to a budget and that. sometimes, can mean that the components they use are not up to their stated specs. Of course that applies to off the shelf components as well so you have to be on the ball when you...
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    why does windows connectivity suck so bad compared to apple?

    I think your abilities should be called into question rather than the tools you are using. I worked in an enviroment where we had nearly 500 computers both IBM and Macs, nearly the same number of mixed make printers, dozens of projectors, four networks and 1000 odd kids using this equipment. We...
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    hard drive problem

    First thing I would do is tell your friend that his hard drive is toast and that he wil have to pay for a new one.. Then try to back any data on the old drive but I think it's gone past that and the responsibilty for backing up any data on your friend's drive is squarley on his head anyway...
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    How To Uninstall Microsoft Store Apps

    I use Ccleaner which gets rid of most of the crap that Microsoft forces on you. Firefox throws up a security warning when you go there for some reason but I have used Ccleaner for years without any problems. It is free although you can pay if you want.
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    A good VPN service, and then what?

    I didn't watch the vid but I knew what to expect. The mantra for these days is trust NOBODY.
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    Difficulty finding Bluetooth channel It's a lot technical but basically it says that bluetooth uses channel hopping technology which means it uses all the channels between the frequencies mentioned in that article. It continuosly changes frequency. So even if you change your wi...
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    how do i access my Dad's computer?

    Another vote for Team Viewer. Just be careful on two counts. Occasionally Team Viewer arbitrary decides that you are using it for personal gain and shuts you out after five minutes. Happened to me a couple of times and I never use Team Viewer for money, only for my family when they have...
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    Hello all! new and i have ethernet ?

    Be careful with powerlines. Even though they say that they cannot be accessed from outside the mains circuitry of the specific building I have heard of cases where they have been accessed. Again I would urge you to talk to your companies tech department if they have one. You are dealing with...
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    Hello all! new and i have ethernet ?

    The reason they are saying you have to connect via an ethernet cable is because nobody can break into a cable easily whereas with wireless it is relatively easy to clone your wireless password and then break into your system. Obviously working for an insurance company you will be storing...
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    2020 i finally switched to firefox... and i hate it

    Firefox works fine for me. If you don't like it go back to whatever you did like before Firefox.
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    Do you or have you found Googles Youtube Addictive?

    I do watch it occasionally but I find it becoming more and more irrelevant. Who the hell cares what this family or that family are doing with their sad lives. And who really gives a wotsit that some somebody can afford to open a store that sells cars for nothing or wants to give away a million...
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    I couldn't remember my password

    Oh and @ i2D I store my passwords, all one of them, in Word. I am 70 and I cannot remember stuff like this. Don't worry you will get there soon. Hopefully by then you wont need passwords. I use that same password wherever I can if numbers are required I just add a number or two or a capitol to...
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    I couldn't remember my password

    Had a phone call from an old lady that lives up the street. She had forgotten her Hotmail password and wanted me to sort it out for her. Up I pop and she is logged in to her Hotmail account. So I say I thought you had forgotten your password. She says well on my computer I have ticked the...
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    Help bringing old PC back to life

    Not really I'm afraid. It's been a lot of years since I repalced a CPU or even built my own computer. I find parts these days are so expensive it's just as cheap (nearly) to buy ready built. I would think that due to the age of the machine HP may not be able to supply a suitable CPU. It isn't...
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    Help bringing old PC back to life

    It's not too bad a spec. I would wack an SSD in it and upgrade the RAM if you can, maybe double it if it will take it. Crucial's memory check will tell you. This is the UK crucial site:- American one is probably:- Nothing wrong with...
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    Is my HP laptop dead?

    Have you tried re-installing it? Maybe fit an SSD and a bit more memory if it will take it.
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    Dell laptop question

    How big is the SSD? How full is that SSD? You could do with more RAM although I think that particular model can only have a maximum of 4 gig. If the RAM can be upgraded I would go for another 4 gig. The size of the SSD is important because if it is getting nearly full that will slow things down...
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    Fresh Win 10 Installation Questions

    Just download the ISO from the link you were given. Use the Media Creation Tool to put it to a usb stick or a DVD. Let it do it's stuff. don't accept ANY of the Microsoft stuff and, and this this my opinion only, do not set up Windows 10 using a Microsoft account. To avoid doing that set...
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    Used Win 7 PC buying advice?

    They did and you can. I install Windows 10 initially without any internet connection. That skips the "set up a microsoft account" bit. Then once it's installed and running and you have connected it then says to "carry on with the installation" just skip that bit and Windows is then installed...
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    Used Win 7 PC buying advice?

    Whilst I agree about the Windows privacy invasion thing, if you are going to use Windows, as you are doing, you might as well use the current versions. I do not make an online account when I install Windows 10 and I only accept the basics. the problem is that 99.999999999% of the world is using...
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    Used Win 7 PC buying advice?

    Forget windows 7. buy the pc with it and do the free upgrade to Windows 10 (yes it is still available.......... Bung an SSD in cloned from your Win 10 installation. Personally I would prefer a Toshiba but they don't make desktops as...
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    paypal as payment option for my website.

    If stripe is an online banking organisation, and no I haven't looked at stripe because all the people I deal with, without exception, only use paypal, but if stripe is online then it is subject to the same hackers. fraudsters and criminals as any other online banking system.
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    Hey friends, First this is the hardware I have on the computer : Motherboard Name:

    It's very rare that you will hear anything at all before a hard drive packs in. It sounds to me like yours is about to die. hard drives are reasonably cheap at the moment even SSDs. I would get all your personal files off that drive on to something else and then replace it.
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    copy and pasting issues

    LOL don't feel too bad about it. I've been there done it and got the Tshirt.:trash:
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    copy and pasting issues

    Are you sure it's a 2TB memeory stick? Lots of scammers around and what you are experiencing is indicitive of a scam memeory stick. Just because it says 2TB doesn't mean it is. I don't know how you can tell other than by what is happening to you.
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    Have you used a mulitifunctional laser printer?

    I would think that 99% of the printers on the market at the moment are multifunctional and have copy/print capabilities. They range in price (UK you do the maths) from £39 up to the sky.
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    paypal as payment option for my website.

    Online banking and payment are an extremely unsafe way to get your money or even to pay other people. unfortunately it's the way the banks, all of them, have decided to go. I don't think it really matters which online banking system you choose it will be subject to hackers, scammers and...
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    Do you use "Public Wi-Fi"? (Is it safe?)

    I think you are being "overly paranoid." Having said that I wouldn't use public wifi EVER LOL.
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    Why China will not mess with USS Shiloh

    Like a lot of Americans your gung ho attitudes make you think that you are invulnerable. Guess what, you aren't. A couple of nukes and you and the rest of the world are dust.
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    Windows 10 eMail query

    Okay, sorry then I don't know. It's not uncommon for Windows to throw up spurious warnings. Hopefully somebody else can help.
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    Windows 10 eMail query

    If you are using that program (for some odd reason I do not have it on any of my installations BUT I re-installed a friends computer today and it was there) then it will have to be set up with your Gmail user name and password and some other stuff such as POP and SMTP IMAP (maybe), all this...
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    Windows 10 eMail query

    Not entirely sure what you mean by "Windows 10 email page." As far as I am aware there isn't an email page as such in Windows. Most of the email programs that can be used with Windows need Outlook which is part of Microsoft Office 365 which you have to basically rent per month. I don't think you...
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    Unable to access threads after Firefox updates

    HHMMMM just had a thought. It can't be left over junk in Windows because the same thing happens in Linux and I have Linux on a separate computer. Oh well that's that theory out of the window.
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    Unable to access threads after Firefox updates

    Yes those "empty boxes" are adverts. They show as empty if I have my adblocker on but have adverts if I use another browser to come here. I know that sites need adverts to survive, so they say, but I do not want to bombarded with their spam for that is what it is. This problem, that I am...
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    Unable to access threads after Firefox updates

    Update on the update. It happens in Linux as well, Xubuntu. I think they have done something to this web site.
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    Unable to access threads after Firefox updates

    Update on this problem. I went back to Firefox 65 and installed that, bearing in mind that it was version 72.0.1 when this problem started. It still does it in 65 so I'm inching towards it being a site problem. The ONLY option that I set in 65 was "Never Remember History." Everything works fine...
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    Unable to access threads after Firefox updates

    Well I hadn't tried to see posts when I was signed in so I signed in but it wont sign me in just gives me the error message when I click okay.
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    Unable to access threads after Firefox updates

    Yep looks like Mozilla have messed up again after the Adblock debacle. Oh well I am definetly NOT going to use Internet Explorer or Edge or Chrome. So I will just have to change my preferences to Remember History every time I come here which is a PITA. Still It's odd that this is the only web...
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    Unable to access threads after Firefox updates

    I still cannot get Firefox version 72.01 to work no way no how. But I have found a Beta version 73.0b3 here:- and this version works fine. I have no idea why the original version doesn't work and it doesn't work on my...
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    Unable to access threads after Firefox updates

    Thank you Janet and Strollin. I have uninstalled Firefox using Revo Uninstaller and reinstalled it so that should have cleared everything out. I am using the same version of Firefox as you strollin but I'm still getting the same issues. I can access the site using IE but I really don't want to...
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    Unable to access threads after Firefox updates

    I can access Computerforums without logging in, which is how I normally do it. But once in and seeing thread titles I cannot then access those threads. I get a blank screen saying:- "The page isn't redirecting properly An error occurred during a connection to This...
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    BSOD error on windows 10

    If it is a real BSOD there will be an error number, something like 0x00000017. That number would be useful in helping with a diagnoses.
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    Computer Time

    Depends on what basic methods you have tried but this symptom is usually indicative of the bios battery needing changing.
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    eMail query

    You can try a search but you will need to know some details that were in the email. On your computer, open Gmail. In the search box, click the Down arrow . Click the All Mail drop down, then select Mail & Spam & Trash. Enter some information that's in the missing email. ... At the bottom of...
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Okay then, no problem Mr Microsoft likes you LOL. Have a good Christmas.