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  1. abdlimran

    Bluetooth for desktop

    Hi! I have a desktop PC I want to install a Bluetooth card, which card I can choose? I don't want an external portable Bluetooth dongle.
  2. abdlimran

    Hi, new to forum but not tech

    Welcome sunny :)
  3. abdlimran


    Hello David, Welcome to the forum.
  4. abdlimran

    New Member Introduction

  5. abdlimran


    Welcome, Margret. Good to see you here.
  6. abdlimran

    Hello, from a fellow techie

    Welcome to this awesome forum.
  7. abdlimran

    New Member Introduction

    Hello! Awesome people's, I am Imran, I am a newbie in this awesome forum. I am a technology lover and like to explore tech news. Hope this forum will help me to get tech problem-solving.