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  1. MillField

    Weekend Gaming

    I'd strongly recommend it. I've yet to see a bad review of it :)
  2. MillField

    Weekend Gaming

    I've been playing Red Red Redemption 2 for the past week. Such an amazing game. Enormous variety and gorgeous graphics. Reminds me of playing Oblivion years ago.
  3. MillField

    What You've Just Bought!

    I bought an iPhone 11 Pro last week. Really happy with it so far. The camera is fantastic.
  4. MillField

    Substitute for Laptops

    A tablet seems like the obvious answer. I have an iPad and its more than capable of replacing a laptop for study purposes, and has some really great games that you can download.
  5. MillField

    which game console to get? XBox One S OR PS4 Pro?

    I've always been a PS first guy, although I did have and enjoyed the Xbox 360. Seriously impressed by the Nintendo Switch after playing one last weekend.
  6. MillField

    The Food & Drink Thread

    I'm looking forward to Pancake Tuesday next week. My favourite food since I was a child! :cool:
  7. MillField

    Happy New Year --- 2018

    Happy new year to all, hope it's a good one!
  8. MillField

    Java or PHP

    Java would be a good start I think as it crosses desktop, mobile and web development in different shapes and forms. PHP is more web based but also a useful one to know for backend web development.
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    Hi guys

    Welcome :)
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    What You've Just Bought!

    I upgraded from a 6S. The 8 is a solid - if not very exciting update. Price was pretty much the only reason I didn't go for the X. Even with an upgrade price it would have been crazy here in Ireland. I'm happy letting the first gen of the X out into the public anyway for now to iron out any...
  11. MillField

    What You've Just Bought!

    Took delivery of my iPhone 8 and leather case yesterday. Initial impressions are good. :)
  12. MillField

    Hi,,I am Rose

    Welcome :)
  13. MillField

    Apple TV

    Pretty sure there is an App Store for Apple TV. You should be able to access it from the menu.
  14. MillField

    Learning programming

    There are lots of websites that are great for learning programming. Code Academy is another good one. Also have a look at The New Boston on YouTube. He has great videos that are easy to understand and follow.
  15. MillField

    RIP Sir Roger Moore

    Legendary James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore has died at the age of 89. Sir Roger Moore, James Bond actor, dies aged 89 - BBC News Without doubt my favourite Bond actor. Seven great movies he's left behind. A sad day for any Bond fan.
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    Hey all, I am Isabella Jones

  17. MillField

    Learning programming.

    When I began my CS degree our first introduction to programming was C. I would definitely recommend starting with C as it will teach to the fundamentals of loops, logicals, variables etc before going into object oriented programming. From there, you can pretty much pick any language you want...
  18. MillField

    So how many of us old folk are on these forums.

    24 and beginning to feel that time is flying by :|
  19. MillField

    Nintendo Switch

    Noted! :)
  20. MillField

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh god the temptation to buy..:p
  21. MillField

    Nintendo Switch

    Rookie question - but how big roughly is the map in Breath of the Wild? Are we talking Skyrim/Oblivion level of size?
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    Hello to everyone

    Welcome to the forum!
  23. MillField

    SharePoint or Document Management System

    We use Sharepoint in my company. Unless it's very carefully organized it can become a complete mess in terms of finding files. Editing is also an issue sometimes, as Sharepoint seems to routinely only support Internet Explorer. Having said that, our company have made a terrible job of migrating...
  24. MillField

    iPhone battery power pack ok for hand luggage?

    Great, thanks for the replies guys!
  25. MillField

    iPhone battery power pack ok for hand luggage?

    Hi guys, I recently bought a USB power brick to give my iPhone some extra juice when travelling. Do any of you know if it is ok to bring a power brick in your hand luggage on a plane? The reason I'm asking is because I have a trip coming up in 2 weeks where I will only be bringing hand luggage...
  26. MillField

    What are you listening to/watching now?

    I'm rewatching some old Bond movies. Watched "Diamonds are Forever" on Friday. As for what I'm listening to, I'm pretty much just working my way through a bunch of podcasts.
  27. MillField

    Ipad air 2 vs ipad pro 9.7

    There will be new iPads coming out early this year most likely, so it's possible that you could pick up a 9.7" Pro for cheaper then, or even look in the Apple refurbished store. I've bought several products from there and they were in perfect condition. If you're planning on holding onto the...
  28. MillField

    Your experience with blogging and blogging platforms

    Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of migrating my blog off of an open source blog engine and onto Jekyll, powered by GitHub Pages. I favour static websites over dynamic ones such as Squarespace or Wordpress, which is why I'm making use of open source platforms. I was wondering if any of...
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    Hello everyone!

  30. MillField

    Tech newbie

  31. MillField

    Group Texting: Android & Apple

    If you all download WhatsApp it should work fine. Not sure how iMessage group chats are handled when someone is included who isn't on iOS.
  32. MillField

    Your Search engine preference

    Duckduckgo is good, but I haven't felt the need to move from Google. I've gave up caring about Google having all our information. They make good services.
  33. MillField

    No Man's Sky - Are You Even Ready??

    I missed out on the hype around this game. Can someone give me a very brief summary of what it's about and why it's built such hype? I'm lazy.. :lol:
  34. MillField

    Pokémon GO

    I'm at level 9. I was playing it while walking to and from work but I just hate having to carry my phone in my hand while walking!
  35. MillField

    Random Gaming News

    Has anybody picked up Uncharted 4? Looks like a great game.
  36. MillField

    iOS 9.3.x glitch??

    Thats crazy!
  37. MillField

    Using wix to create a website any tips?

    Squarespace is great for this kind of thing. You can check them out on their website and try them for free.
  38. MillField

    Hack Apple iPhone

    I wonder is it possible to jailbreak iPhone's and extract info from it that way? I'm assuming that there is a lot of information that is hidden behind Apples own encryption that cannot be accessed this way.
  39. MillField

    What is your Bucket list before you Die..

    I want to travel the world! :D
  40. MillField

    What was your first Album \ CD you bought - or Downloaded ..

    The first album I owned was Sam's Town by The Killers. I've only owned about 5 albums in total. It's all digital song downloads since.
  41. MillField

    Oculus Rift

    I won't buy one but I want to try one out!
  42. MillField

    The Christmas 2015 Thread.

    Have spent time with family and friends, drank beer, ate food and lazed around. That's pretty much all I ask for at Christmas.
  43. MillField

    Learning Programming

    If you could get a reasonably good understanding of C programming it should help you. Then you can move onto object oriented languages such as C# or Java.
  44. MillField

    Hello !!!!

    Welcome to the forums!
  45. MillField

    Programmer for hire

    Just realised I was calling her a man. So at least that. :lol:
  46. MillField

    Programmer for hire

    I feel bad for praising Stafany all those years ago..DAMN YOU STEFANY, DAMN YOUU!
  47. MillField

    What You've Just Bought!

    Still a solid phone. Coming from a 4" it still seems massive though..