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  1. Weratti

    What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin as a technology is too complicated to comprehend it by reading only 1 article :) If you want to fully understand what BTC is better get the book by Kalle Rosenbaum "Grokking Bitcoin", available on Amazon. It is quite thick (about 500 pages) but after reading it I am sure that you will...
  2. Weratti

    In need of a new RPG

    Yeah, Fallout and Mass Effect are awesome. I would add POE here. Nice action RPG.
  3. Weratti

    What is your dream place for living?

    Have you been to Sicily? They say it looks like rural area in Scotland but the weather is way better :)
  4. Weratti

    What is your dream place for living?

    The weather is 1 more point that is extremely important for me. I also like sunny weather but when it is not much too hot. Actually this is another reason I picked Spain :)
  5. Weratti

    What is your dream place for living?

    Hi guys! It is interesting to know where you would like to live on a permanent basis if money was not an option? I used to dream of the USA but after the recent events I had to change my mind and at the moment my dream place is Spain. You?
  6. Weratti

    Weekend Gaming

    If my memory serves me right Valorant is the first shooter designed and produced by Riot Games. I must admit that their 1st try was a massive success because being a shooter fan I prefer Valorant to Overwatch and even CS GO at the moment :) that is quite indicative since I have been into gaming...
  7. Weratti

    Two Factor Authentication Solutions

    Heven't heard about such methods. Macs can be unlocked by Apple watches of the owner but Windows don't have that functionality. As for 2-factor varification here is a great security report about flaws 5g networks have which allow to...
  8. Weratti

    Vpn in sigapore? do i need it?

    It's not about Singapore but about the reputation of this company. I prefer using VPNs with crystal clear reputation and even in this case I can't be sure thar everything will be ok )
  9. Weratti

    VPN lifetime subscription

    I suppose that such companies live for about 5-10 years at best. So "lifetime" isn't the right word here I guess.