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  1. linajohn

    Is Ccleaner legit/good?

    The cleaner does not seem to be reliable, nor I do use it. it has a high spamming ratio which is unsafe for our system.
  2. linajohn

    What Are You Currently Listening to?

    I currently listening to " Rain On Me". This is a popular track of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.
  3. linajohn

    SEO tools?

    SEO tools make your SEO perfect every time. Here are some important tools name- 1. Mozbar (it check your site DA/PA score) 2. Google Analytic (Complete web stats and search insights) 3. Google Keyword Planner 4. Google trends 5. SEO Site checkup
  4. linajohn

    Do you use "Public Wi-Fi"? (Is it safe?)

    Using public WiFi can prove fatal for anyone. If you need more then use a trusted wifi. The best is that you should keep your data so that you can run the net.
  5. linajohn

    Photo editing software

    I think photoshop is the best option for photography. This is the universe of photography.
  6. linajohn

    Roon or Audirvana?

    I think an audio player is the best way because it plays the song easily.
  7. linajohn

    What is your favourite audio format?

    I like 320k mp3 audio formate. This is very clear and loud sound.