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    EkspressVPN, ProtonVPN Plus, VYPRVPN, IVPN, NordVPN, Etc. These are all high-quality VPN services with good speed on all their servers, never go with a free VPN, they steal & sell your data to third party companies. I have some of these services and one of them is active when I am online...
  2. isaccasi1234

    A good VPN service, and then what?

    I guess you are right @pete.i
  3. isaccasi1234

    A good VPN service, and then what?

    Try to see this Video, I think your gonna be surprised, I know I was.
  4. isaccasi1234

    Updating to Pro?

    Thanks, but no thanks, I think I will pay for it when the time comes. :)
  5. isaccasi1234

    Updating to Pro?

    It is very kind of you @kalju but I will have to wait until 1. October when I have the cash, but thanks again. (y) :)
  6. isaccasi1234

    Updating to Pro?

    Hi, and thanks for answering, my Device was activated when I got it from the Store. :)
  7. isaccasi1234

    Updating to Pro?

    As I understand it Pro is a lot more secure than Home, and no I don't have too much money to throw at something I do not benefit from. :unsure:
  8. isaccasi1234

    Updating to Pro?

    Not Really, don't do it or what?
  9. isaccasi1234

    What size is your phone's screen?

    Hi, I on the Chinese side(don't get me wrong)I have just purchased a Huawei P 30 Lite, I don't know what size it is, very small I think.:rolleyes:
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    Updating to Pro?

    Hi, everyone.:) I have a very straightforward question, I am a Windows Home 2004 user, and I would very much like to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, because of the extra security in the update, encryption(Bitlocker) but is it worth the 1200 DKR, I am the only user of the PC, so I don't know. Some...
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    2020 i finally switched to firefox... and i hate it

    Hello, no I was not writing good enough, my PC is from 2019 and run Windows 10 Home version 2004, sorry.
  12. isaccasi1234

    Would it be worth investing in a hardware firewall for use at home?

    Hello, could you not just use a very good VPN, or am I missing the point? :unsure:
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    It's lunchtime!

    Hi, It certainly looks delicious, Mums!(y)
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    Hello all! new and i have ethernet ?

    Hello there, and welcome to Techist Forums, hope you will enjoy your time here, I know I do.(y);)
  15. isaccasi1234

    My Intro

    Welcome to the Forums, Hope you will enjoy your time here ;)
  16. isaccasi1234

    Roon or Audirvana?

    Hi, I know a lot of you guys & girls must have one or maybe both of these Audio-Players/Streaming software, I have both, I could not make up my mind. What do you think is best?,perhaps a whole other program. Do you know any person who has their Mailbox filled with Receipts from software firms, I...
  17. isaccasi1234

    What Are You Currently Listening to?

    Very nice music, Polyphia I mean, I have Tidal, so I have had a chance to hear some of it, you're right sweet. :)
  18. isaccasi1234

    What Are You Currently Listening to?

    What do you think of Evanescence, I love Symphonic Metal like Nightwish, Within Temptation & Beyond The Black. :love:
  19. isaccasi1234

    What Are You Currently Listening to?

    I completely agree @PP Mguire :)
  20. isaccasi1234

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello, And welcome to Techist Forums, Hope you will enjoy your time here. :)
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    Hello there, fellow kids!

    Welcome to the Forums, hope you will enjoy your time here :)
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    Hello From Denmark.

    Thank You @Smart_Guy for the warm welcome, I am very happy to be here. :love:
  23. isaccasi1234

    2020 i finally switched to firefox... and i hate it

    I am sorry for your troubles, I also cant use Firefox on my system(2004) It is slow at everything so I uninstalled it, I use as my primary browser: Google Chrome(latest) and has done all the time I can remember, my secondary is the new Edge Chromium, it is blazingly fast on my system, have...
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    system EQ for windows

    Ok sorry did not see:censored:
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    What Are You Currently Listening to?

    Gojira is very nice IMHO.;)
  26. isaccasi1234

    system EQ for windows

    Try Equalizer APO, very nice piece of software for Windows 10:)
  27. isaccasi1234

    Turntable purchase

    I am only listening to digital Audio, lossless ALAC & FLAC hi-res If I can find it :love:
  28. isaccasi1234

    Is Ccleaner legit/good?

    I would not use anything from Piriform after it transformed to Avast property IMHOo_O I use Wisecare 365 Pro, I am not saying it is right, it just the way I chose to go.
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    What Are You Currently Listening to?

    Hey, I am listening to Avicii Essentials on Tidal with Audirvana. :love:
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    Hey, One Drive also annoyed me, so I just disabled it,@kalju is right no need to remove, sorry for interfering. :censored:
  31. isaccasi1234

    What Song Or Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Hi, I am listening to Dream Dance Best Of 20 Years 3-CD Collection, there are some good tunes on there if you like such music.:love:
  32. isaccasi1234

    What Antivirus And Malware Do You Use?

    Hey, I use for Realtime Protection: Bitdefender Total Security+Voodoo-Shield Free & OSAmor. System hardening tools: Syshardener default settings. On-Demand Scanners: Malwarebytes Free+HitmanPro+Norton Power Eraser & Emsisoft Emergency Kit.:) My OS is Windows 10 Home 2004.
  33. isaccasi1234

    any audiophiles here?

    I love my FLAC & ALAC library but I do not have a fancy audio setup. The speakers are Logitec THX certified 2 satellites & a 200 W Subwoofer. My Headphones are JBLLive650btnc Bluetooth but can play directly connected, but that does not sound so good as on Bluetooth. So I guess I am not an...
  34. isaccasi1234

    What is your favourite audio format?

    I use Audirvana mostly, sometimes AIMP4, so FLAC & ALAC are my favorite formats. I have some MP3 files but it is 5 % of my collection.:) And the MP3 files I like to play in Winamp 5.8 with the MAD plugin.;)
  35. isaccasi1234

    What Media/Audio/Streaming Software Do You Use?

    Hi, Audio Players:AIMP4+Musicbee+Boom 3D+Foobar2000+Audirvana & Mediamonkey 5 Beta. Video/Media Players:VLC+JetAudio VX Plus+Winamp+Wacup latest+GOM Audio & Strawberry(Audio Sorry).:censored: Streaming Software: Tidal HiFi+Deezer HiFi & Apple Music. A big mess I know, what are your Favorites?:)...
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    Hello From Denmark.

    Hello, I am a 44 year old Man, and very happy to be a part of this Forum. I am almost totally Newbie, but very happy to learn, from all of you. Kind Regards isaccasi1234.:unsure: