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  1. figage

    Need your advice ...

    Plans from and are to my liking and I have to pick out the best one, so what should I do?
  2. figage discounts?

    Hello! Are you aware of any sort of discounts?
  3. figage

    Ssd vps?

    Thanks a lot for your comments. I decided to go to I will keep you posted regarding my experience.
  4. figage

    VPS for $6 per month?

    Wow! That seems to be a good option from! Do you know if we should use any coupon code to grab this deal?
  5. figage

    Russia located VPS?

    Hello! When we start thinking about Russia located VPS which company comes to mind? I managed to find Are they good?
  6. figage

    Thailand based hosting?

    As far as I can see on this page: Price for their services is in bahts. So that should be a signal for you to contact them and make sure you will have English speaking support.
  7. figage

    Australia based service?

    Hello! Do you know any good Australia based provider? I have managed to discover: What do you think of them?
  8. figage

    Offshore VPS?

    Hello! I'm looking at for Offshore VPS. Do you know how are they and if they have any kind of discounts?
  9. figage

    Ssd vps?

    What is the best SSD based provider? Is still worth to be considered?
  10. figage

    OpenVZ VPS?

    Hello! Per your opinion which are the best OpenVZ vps providers? What about or
  11. figage

    VPS in USA?

    Hello! When it comes to September 2019 would VPS from still be considered as good option?
  12. figage

    Forex VPS question

    I'm looking for forex vps hosting Is nextpointhost good?
  13. figage

    VPS requried. US or EU?

    I know also They provider services in Netherlands.
  14. figage

    Discounts for shared hosting?

    Hello! I wonder if you might be aware of some good discounts for shared hosting services from some providers? I'm interested in, and Please suggest.
  15. figage

    Good VPS providers in US and EU?

    Hello! In your opinion what are good providers for VPS and Europe? I know in US and in Europe.
  16. figage

    Netherlands SSD VPS

    To know more about hosting provider you'd better do research on them with the help of review websites. I can say is time-tested company with reasonable pricing and solid server solutions.
  17. figage

    Magento host

    Have you looked for reviews on them? I think you should do it asap. is well-known reputable host with really stable and quality plans. Many webmasters from all over the world are pleased by their helpful support and competitive pricing.
  18. figage

    Computer Speed Test

    Which OS and computer specs do you have?
  19. figage


    Use speech simulators and record it with standard windows recorder tool
  20. figage

    Just wondering... can linux user names...?

    It could contain numbers but should begin with letter
  21. figage

    How to attach hosting with domain ?

    Do you need the same website on this domains or different? What control panel do you use?
  22. figage

    VPN server to use

    I believe that you should more it to networking section,but I've done some search on this name and believe that you should try solutions which seem reliable and stable. They are providing 3 days of testing as I see so you can try it with no hesitations
  23. figage

    .bat file that overloads RAM to its maximum

    %0 in .bat is the name of file itself so when you execute this file it will make indefinite cycle that will execute the same file that's how you will overload your ram
  24. figage

    Firefox 4 any good??

    So, how is speed comparing with Chrome?
  25. figage

    Websites are not opening in any browser

    maybe its your ISP problems with packet loss?
  26. figage

    Fully managed linux vps

    I believe that its wrong forums to post here offers
  27. figage

    Problem with Windows Media Player

    Why don't you use alternative player eg winamp?
  28. figage

    Problem playing dvds

    Have you set your sound card to 5.1 mode?
  29. figage

    Computor Broken

    also you could use hiren's boot cd
  30. figage

    Removing Grub from HDD

    What is this reply stand for?
  31. figage

    About obscure operating systems...

    Why are this OS needed?
  32. figage


    Never used it, I think its faster to search in google for "free usenet software"
  33. figage

    Just a quick question.

    This question depends on your PC, different brands - different agreements with Microsoft I think
  34. figage

    Windows server and Linux

    What support has open source project apache?
  35. figage

    why firefox eats up a lot of memory

    It's a constant firefox problem, the memory leaking and I think that they won't fix this issue
  36. figage

    hosting from home: how to?

    you don't need such knowledge to host sites
  37. figage

    unlimited downlods and bandwidth hosting solution?

    you will still have a limitations from your isp
  38. figage

    Fully managed VPS for 9.99 usd -guaranteed 512 mb RAM

    I believe it's wrong section to post offers
  39. figage

    What Anti Virus should i choose

    I recommend NOD32
  40. figage

    w7 randomly freezes and doesnt startup properly...

    I think the problem is with your hard drive or power
  41. figage

    Deleted my partition and now I cant reformat my hard drive

    Still you have some problems with motherboard/hdd
  42. figage


    I also know providing Christmas special coupon code XMAS2010 that is giving hosting and domain plans with 50% OFF, it's active until 10th of January
  43. figage

    Unlimited bandwidth and space $9.99/month

    Hi, I believe it's wrong forum to post offers
  44. figage

    Using my computer as a router

    I think you are right, you should share your primary network connection to others
  45. figage

    hi there I'm new here..I just want to learn more. thanks!

    I have block ads plug in and didn't see anything there
  46. figage

    not connected at full capacity...

    Maybe the problem with wireless network adapter on your laptop?
  47. figage

    High Performance VPS Solutions?

    Indeed, quality vps solutions are provided by Serverpoint. They are well-known company that will suit your any demand and offer high performance, stability and support level
  48. figage

    Do I need an SSL certificate for a website that allows people to make donations over

    It's preferable to secure your connection when we are talking about money transactions
  49. figage

    Need an EV SSL certificate

    Agree, Godaddy have cheap prices for EV SSL certs
  50. figage

    Free! DNS Services

    I have the same questions, so many public dns servers out there