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  1. jaydenwix

    Link Building

    Link building is an approach that gets web pages to link to each other by getting hyperlinks from other websites and utilize them to your site. It helps users operate between separate pages on the Internet. They also help search engines crawl between the pages on your website.
  2. jaydenwix

    Comment marketing

    Yes, content marketing is good strategy for SEO. Do SBM, Microblogging, Quora, forums. But try to submit innovative and unique content every time and related to your content.
  3. jaydenwix

    What is the best way to get backlinks?

    Agree with you.
  4. jaydenwix

    Hello- from a newbie

    Hello there. Ask me anytime when you are comfortable.
  5. jaydenwix

    What is best web design trends in 2021

    Hey, I own an online business store. recently my Shopify store needs development so I contacted the KBIZSOFT firm for development. They developed my store with updated designs for 2021. I don't think everyone knows about them. You can reach KBIZSOFT for a top 2021 design consultation.
  6. jaydenwix

    Hi there!

    Welcome to this forum. You will gain new knowledge, especially about development and designing.
  7. jaydenwix

    nice web design

    I would love to help you but after visiting your website. I think these guys will help you briefly. Reach them at
  8. jaydenwix

    Web design tips?

    Yes, W3Schools will help you a lot in understanding this.
  9. jaydenwix

    new member

    Yes, this is the best place to know about anything!!
  10. jaydenwix

    What is your ISP speed?

    I am happy with the results. :):cool:
  11. jaydenwix

    What are you listening to/watching now?

    I don't listen to songs, I only listen to beats, and right now I am listening to "chill Hip-Hop beats".
  12. jaydenwix

    new member

    Hello, Welcome!! may I know what you want to know about?
  13. jaydenwix

    SEO problem

    I want to know which SEO techniques you applied on your blog.
  14. jaydenwix

    Looking for High DA

    Try to search with diffrent keywords every time in search engines to get high DA backlinks and sometime add your location with the keywords.
  15. jaydenwix

    Which is best languages for website development ?

    According to me python, java, javascript, Go, HTML,e are the best programming languages for development.
  16. jaydenwix

    My Aweomse Graphic

    The design is good but I want to ask you, how do you add a small pink box in the top and bottom.
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