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    Apple vs Google - who's ecosystem is bigger & better? Why?

    I agree with what Joe said above. I personally prefer Google because of its user experience but it feels like Amazon is slightly more feature-rich. That being said, up until the Alex dot 4th gen, I felt Amazon was a bit behind the times in style. Amazon seem to also have quite a few companies...
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    How can I increase my email open-rate?

    Hi Alex! Firstly great idea, emails are a good way to reach out to customers or prospects. It would probably help to know a bit more about your email audience and campaign to suggest some ideas. Either way here's some fairly generic things to look at. 1. If you want to improve CTRs on your...
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    Sending bulk emails with attachments.

    You could host your attachment on Google Drive for free and then send the link to up to 500 people via outlook. Just make sure you add them to BCC instead of To or CC.
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    Hi everyone!

    Hello everyone, I'm Luke from I'm looking to learn more about tech and the opinions and unique perspectives everyone has on tech. Feel free to ask any questions! Thanks
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