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  1. ryreidly

    Line down screen of TCL QLED TV.

    Wow. This is looking pretty bad, but fortunately, you can easily fix it. If you haven't opened up a TV before, I would suggest you take it to a professional. If you're scared about this procedure, you can try to calibrate it first, to see if this is going to fix the problem. Calling someone from...
  2. ryreidly

    Best Wordpress hosting provider ...

    Oh, yes, I had the experience of using it. It performed its function well. I can't say that there are any severe disadvantages, except for the interface
  3. ryreidly

    Title tag on website

    It plays a huge role, especially if you want your site to be search engine friendly. First, the H1-H6 header hierarchy system allows you to recognize a site suitable for SEO. Since it makes it easier for readers to search, it is important. Secondly, a correctly formulated tag is the key to the...
  4. ryreidly

    SEO problem

    It would be easier to give you some advice, knowing that you have already applied. However, even so, I will list the simplest rules: 1) You need to optimize your website for Google algorithms; 2) Use links and anchors correctly; 3) Observe the measure in SEO promotion. But knowing these rules...
  5. ryreidly

    Hello everyone

    Hello! Welcome to forum!
  6. ryreidly

    Hi everyone!

    Hello, Ryan! Welcome :)
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