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  1. TechnoChicken

    Official Windows 10 Thread

    For the low price of.... free!
  2. TechnoChicken

    Post your rigs here.

    The one thing I have done is a two monitor setup... try it you'll figure out why it sucks pretty quick, the solution I had was just to have a smaller monitor on the right but it still sucked
  3. TechnoChicken

    Searching for a new washing machine!?

    I would try an appliance forum... Although I have had good luck with LG.
  4. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    I got a thing to upgrade to windows 11 the other day... Is MS giving out ISOs yet?
  5. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    Probably depression or something like that...
  6. TechnoChicken

    What You've Just Bought!

    Mu dad just got a smoker... it's huge, probably the size of a outhouse, still sitting in his driveway on a trailer :)
  7. TechnoChicken

    How do I find out which ports are USB 3?

    Also the usb 3 ports are blue... that's how I normally tell
  8. TechnoChicken

    SSD question

    I would give some more info, does it happen in multiple games or just one? Do you have and crash files, etc and what are your temps
  9. TechnoChicken

    Mouse/Keyboard not working during windows 7 Pro Installation

    I said this before but just in case you missed it- try a thrift store they will probably have them for almost free...
  10. TechnoChicken

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Is that even min. wage in Texas? (Out here I think it's $14.50?)
  11. TechnoChicken

    Mouse/Keyboard not working during windows 7 Pro Installation

    I wouldn't run out and buy them brand new before checking a couple thrift stores, they often have stuff like that for basically free... and yes if you were wondering those 2 should be compatible, seeing as they are just generic ps2 keyboard/mice
  12. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    Some days you're the dog, some days you're the fire hydrant
  13. TechnoChicken

    What to do with all my computer stuff

    That one's easy... send it to me! I can PM you my address if you want... i'll take it all
  14. TechnoChicken

    The Food & Drink Thread

    Man, this guy is making me want a smoker...
  15. TechnoChicken

    Windows 11

    I'm thinking it's a flop just seeing as pretty much alternating versions of windows of windows are crap...
  16. TechnoChicken

    The Food & Drink Thread

    Reading this thread makes me hungry...
  17. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    Didn't know you smoked :)
  18. TechnoChicken

    Gmail account are not working from today morning

    You clocked about 6 months old this time around...
  19. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    Kinda ugly looking too..
  20. TechnoChicken

    Looking For $1500 Laptop Help

    I think his watch is broken...
  21. TechnoChicken

    Some common spelling mistakes in English...

    Ads like this I ams have for sale too very nice peaces of crap for 30 or bo
  22. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    Death valley would be hilarious though...
  23. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    It does seem they screw up every other OS ( Xp was great, vista was crap, 7 was great, 8 was crap, 10 is... ok 11 will be crap) so it will probably be another 8...
  24. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    Maybe some things last forever after all...
  25. TechnoChicken

    RAM upgrade quenstion for Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G

    Here you go:
  26. TechnoChicken

    RAM upgrade quenstion for Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G

    Just rip the back off and stuff some SODIMMs in...
  27. TechnoChicken

    Northerners who moved south.

    you know i might move south if I ever get sick of living in an igloo up here in Canada. Who knows? I may decide to sell it after i fix the wall my polar bear kicked in it...
  28. TechnoChicken

    Happiness is...

    Nowadays you do your homework on the computer...
  29. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    Does it smoke at all? That could mean your head gasket is blown...
  30. TechnoChicken

    How do I fix my keyboard not typing?

    I'm pretty sure that wasn't a question, it was just a forum plugger
  31. TechnoChicken

    Network question

    That's kinda interesting... we used to be able to do that
  32. TechnoChicken

    PCI-E question

  33. TechnoChicken

    How long do keyboards last?

    As long as you treat the right
  34. TechnoChicken

    PCI-E question

    PP just said to grab a 1660 and i have previously said to grab a 1650 or 1660
  35. TechnoChicken

    MY notebook lenovo y50-70 randomly freezing, blue screening gtx 860m

    You can't just replace the gpu on a laptop (Unless you are a professional and really know what you are doing)
  36. TechnoChicken

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    We got snow... :(
  37. TechnoChicken

    Computer booting up when I turn on fan in other room?

    What could be happening is when the fan starts up it will draw a ton of power for a second or two and then your pc could detect that as a power failure, you could try turning the thing off where i boots up when you plug it into power
  38. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    Can you suggest something else...
  39. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    Oh... i use it all the time...
  40. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    This kind of shows it...
  41. TechnoChicken

    Mixing ram speeds & slots used

    Heck, you could try it, if it doesn't post it doesn't post....
  42. TechnoChicken

    Is this computer any good?

    Why is everyone losing their shirt about cooling on prebuilds...
  43. TechnoChicken

    Random Chit Chat

    You got the shot Joe?
  44. TechnoChicken

    PCI-E question

    I wouldn't liquid cool unless you plan on overclocking....
  45. TechnoChicken

    PCI-E question

    That is a 720p display?
  46. TechnoChicken

    PCI-E question

    Those "higher end" versions are probably scalpers or idiots trying to make a quick buck
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