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  1. JabaJava

    Post your rigs here.

    Hi all. Recently I've been wondering. Has anyone played Hitman on 3 screens together? It's just that I recently bought it sell here. And I'm thinking of installing 3 more screens. I want to ask you guys. What's it like to play on three monitors at once. How's it going with your eyes?
  2. JabaJava

    Older game question

    So I need a whole new card? It's just that I have one input in the unit itself?
  3. JabaJava

    Older game question

    I always wanted three monitors. But I could never afford it. Because I only have one input for the port. Just recently bought a game - Hitman Absolution that you can play with multiple monitors. Maybe you can tell me what to do. How do I connect 3 monitors into one port. I will be grateful to you!
  4. JabaJava

    Is my hx750i psu enough for new build?

    I think that's enough.
  5. JabaJava

    New computer on a budget advice needed

    ACER Nitro 5 AN515-55-57Y2 Black (NH.QB0EU.00M)
  6. JabaJava

    best bang for the buck gaming desktop

    Personally, I recently bought a laptop MSI GF63 Thin 10SC Black (GF6310SC-074XUA). And I bought a game from This War of Mine . It works fine for me. I think you should choose your computer. Based on your desires. Because there are different computers. And there are different games. If you want...
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