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    I back

    Welcome back......... I hope ya like it here!!
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    Hi guys

    Welcome to the site :)
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    Im listening to my KTEL record :) (Music express) Current song: Get Dancin' - Disco Tex
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    Hello! Brittney-Journey

    Welcome to the site :)
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    Forum update this week - SSL

    No reason really to do this Janet... You just cause possible connection problems with some browsers... (Non standard and some older ones in use) No reason to force SSL on a site like this..... We are not sending codes to a silo here.. The site was fine the way it was :) However thank you...
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    Im liastening to 1510 WMEX :) Current song: The Cisco Kid - War
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    Im listening to my Donovan cassette :) (Open road) Current song: Changes
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    I guess we are doing ok buddy thanks for asking......... Things keep getting worse and worse and its sad........
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    Turntable purchase

    In my opinion DO NOT DIGITISE ANYTHING!!!! Analogue sounds much nicer............... I hope you enjoy your player :)
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    This is a good site.......... Used to be more active though :(
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    Desktop Screenshot Thread

    Wow you have 4 monitors linked together (The one on top doesnt look like its included) Thanx for the 2nd pic!!
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    Desktop Screenshot Thread

    Thats nice Trotter... Is it really darker like that or is it just the picture??
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    Desktop Screenshot Thread

    Heres mine...... Nice and basic
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    I got the record,8 track and cassette of the album that song is on..... Excellent album!!
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    Im listening to my KTEL record :) (Power house) Current song: Love is the drug - Roxy Music
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    20 Worst nintendo games ever

    Did anyone ever play any of these?? I havent but it makes me wanna go find them and see if he is being truthful!! (I only like 1 nintendo game really that is thiers: SUPER MARIO BROTHERS)
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    All things Super Mario

    I love Super mario brothers (The first one) but thats about the only NINTENDO game I like.... (I like older consoles (Better games))
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    Listening to my Brave Belt record :) (Brave belt 2) Current song: Too far away
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    Hi there.

    Welcome to the site Greg,I hope you like it here :)
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    Whats happening with the Forums.

    Lets hope things stay the same....The site is G00D!!!
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    Mac n Cheese

    I love mac and cheese (Just had more last night) I used a mac once,it was confusing as anything so I do understand....... I love the original Apple computers (Apple II,etc)
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    Solitare anyone? This is K-RAD!!! My best is 11010 so far
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    Happy New Year --- 2018

    Happy new year everyone!!!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome :)
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    Excellent Poker Game!!

    I just played again and the game ended after 4 rounds with my score being -93 Ill try again laytour!!
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    These smart TVs were apparently spying on their owners

    oops im sorry buddy.... I meant to say ALOT DONT CARE...
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    Hey everyone happy hollidays

    Welcome to the site!!!!!!!
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    Dude, I'm gettin' a Dell.

    I hope ya like your dell buddy
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    Excellent Poker Game!!

    Holy Maird!!!! Your alot better than me!!!
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    Hello, my name is Lee!

    Mine was GOOD thank you I dont drink either,the stuff tastes disgusting Before ya know it IT WILL BE EASTER!!!!!
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    Excellent Poker Game!!

    Wow what an awesome score to get Good for you
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    Weekend Gaming

    Yup with awesome sounds :)
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    Hello, my name is Lee!

    We are glad to have you Lee!!!!! I hope you had a good holiday :) Thanx for coming ashore!!
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    The Food & Drink Thread

    Im drinking some Ginger Ale @ the moment :)
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    What are you listening to/watching now?

    Hmmmm this thread should be on the multimedia base I think but anyway...... Right now im listening to one of my 8 track tapes :) 1950s rock and roll collection Current song: The Stroll - The Diamonds
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    Weekend Gaming

    Thanx for the kind words my friend! I love early 80s games..... Arcade,atari 2600 and coleco (And Commodore 64 but that isnt really a console) MS PACMAN is probably my favourite game!
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    Weekend Gaming

    I might play Jumpman or Donkey Kong again later :) (Coleco)
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Hehe I hear ya buddy!! (We cant upset MA right? :))
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    deciding between two laptops

    Thats nice of you to get a gift for dad :) I guess starting @ the specs which do you think would be EASIER for him? (I dont know much about laptops but I wanted to try and help you decide) Good luck!!
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    Anyone remember the Film, The Net..

    I love this movie,I have it recorded from analogue cable :) (HBO if I remember right)
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    What size is your phone's screen?

    I dont have a phone so I picked the first option which corrasponds to my monitor (Its over 6")
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    Excellent Poker Game!! My best is 2308 so far :)
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    What is your ISP speed?

    I just tested from (Javascript (Scripts must be enabled for the test))
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    These smart TVs were apparently spying on their owners

    Yes and most of the ppl who use these DONT GIVE A DAMN!!!!!! Its sickening........
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    Hello and Thank You

    Welcome ashore...... I hope you like it here :)
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I hope everyone has a nice christmas on monday and if we have anyone here who celebrates Chanukah,I hope your holiday is well also :) Peace and love to all!!!
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    Strong interference of overlapping wifis: What to do?

    In some areas it can be hard if there are MANY on each!! (Wireles isnt really very good for the most part)
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    Hi, My Name Is...

    Welcome to the site,i hope you like it here!
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    Access Granted - my bio

    Hello my friend,welcome to the site!!!! I do hope ya enjoy yourself
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    Hello all......

    Thanks for the welcome everyone
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