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    Looking for software that allows MAC filtering and parental control

    It looks So easy to block adult websites via open DNS, hopefully it works in practice and not just in theory.
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    Recover data after factory reset

    I can help you to recover the WhatsApp message and files because I've faced this problem before. Check how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone and it's easy to recover the deleted messages.
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    Inexpensive motherboard for I9 9900k

    Hi guys, After searching for a long time and getting tips in various forums, I decided to invest a little more and get an I9-9900k. Of course, I also need a motherboard. This shouldn't cost more than $200. I don't want to overclock the processor too much. If it is priced possible up to 4.3+ GHz...
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    Comfortable gaming chair?

    Sorry, forget to insert the link.
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    Comfortable gaming chair?

    Hi guys I’m looking for a gaming chair for $100-$150 that should be comfortable and I ran into this one just wondering if it’s any good. Any advice or experience would be much appreciated.
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    Purchase advice gaming headset

    I am looking for a gaming headset that has active noise canceling. Preferably one with a USB connection so that it can keep power permanently. One that preferably does not have Bluetooth due to the delay. The budget is no matter. I want to use the headset for gaming and listening to music. Thanks
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    Is it worth getting a WiFi 6 router yet?

    There have reviews to be had if you know where to look. If I needed a router, I would get one. I'm waiting for Ubiquiti to come out with a Wifi 6 access point.
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    Console Gaming Monitor

    I'm considering purchasing a gaming monitor for my ps4 to take advantage. It seems it's either they are either 4K or 1440p plus the aforementioned features. I had the ViewSonic VX2363SMHL-W in the past and LOVED IT if I could I would buy it again but just want to know if there were any others...
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    BSOD error on windows 10

    Hello guys, i've been facing a problem from last 3 days, my pc restart alone and says bad pool header with a blue screen.. What happening there? i have run on cmd sfc /scannow and i run programms for malwares, my drivers is up to date perfectly... please help me
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    Best free TFTP server?

    I'm looking for a simple to use TFTP server for a windows environment. I would prefer one that is freeware/shareware if possible. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    Hi there i'm new here
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