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    Right server to buy

    I like They have a lot of good server locations and accept a lot of payment options.
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    Good VPS providers in US and Australia?

    I would recommend you check and consider kvc hosting. They one of the oldest providers with good service quality.
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    Which VPS is better to sign up with?

    You can chose any. Depends on the location. But if I were you I would consider also as god for US location and for Europe location.
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    Dedicated Server

    I have contacted support and they have replied me very fast. Want to sign up with them because their servers are stable and prices are not high on their services.
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    first month free on a dedi has offered dedis with the first free! Can you believe in that?
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    Hosting from registrar - reasonable?

    Being in your place, the OP, I'd use eurodns for a domain registration goal. They are ICANN-accredited company and their system of discounts is amazing.
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    Dedicated Server

    Can you recommend me a dedicated server which starts 25 Euro/35 US Dollar per month with no setup fee? seems to be good, am I right?
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    WWW.MICROVPS.COM - the most powerful VPS solution!

    I have already ordered VPS2 hosting plan at microvps and can say that I am fully-satisfied with their services. Support is patient and knowledgeable... Keep up the good works guys!
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    High Performance VPS Solutions?

    there are many web hosts out there and I can express the point that not all of them are reliable.. can suggest the ones, I consider to be stable and reliable: compare them and choose the best one.
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    high performance server based on Linux is needed

    My demands: memory: 2GB HDD: 500GB IP: 1 Unmetered bandwidth My budget is 80 euros. Do you think a dedi from allin1solutions will be good for me?
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    metered servers

    What companies has provided metered dedicated servers? Exmasters is the company I know but would like to know more offers.
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    active live chat

    The main thing of any quality services is support and simplehelix has provided it well, their live chat is active for 24 hours. Their technicians are skillful and helpful in many ways.
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    active live chat

    Simplehelix has active and helpful live chat, does you hosting provider have it? Is it the best way of supporting clients?
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    Some nice discounts!

    Thanks for sharing such nice discounts on services. I see that they support Windows services at low prices comparing to their prices of the other Windows hosting providers. What kind of support do they provide?
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    control panel

    It seems to me that simplehelix offer that control panel as it's optimized for running web sites on their servers. Overall it has simple interface and it's quite usable.
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    dedicated servers from webcs

    Have you got any idea about reliability of the dedicated servers from Have you ever used them?
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    VPS to choose

    Knowing that is a reputable company, I think whatever VPS you choose from them, you will get quality services in any way. Plus you can use special code "virt1" for virtual accounts, which will double disk space offered on each virtual plan.
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    Web Hosting Company in USA?

    Think that can be, and These companies are cheap and offer many resources which are on-demanded by the web masters.
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    control panel

    Do you think DirectAdmin is a usable control panel? Simplhelix offers it but I don't know much of that.
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    server stability

    Think you are able to check out allwebnow server stability only trying them. I have tried to find reviews of them in the Internet and have found out that only positive feedbacks can be read about them.
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    Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 and CentOS 5.3 are supported on VPS deals. Are they stable and reliable?
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    website builder

    Are all website builder applications online? has stated that their clients can use online web site builder and I thought all companies offer that.
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    community forum

    How effective is community forum in fixing issues? What do you think of the companies - webhostgiant, godaddy, etc. - which have tit on their web sites?
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    What do you think of .IM? has offered it for only 2 euros. How potential is it?
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    only during august has offered entrancing dedicated offers - Intel Q9550 Series starting at $99.95 per month. Can you offer anything cheaper?
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    that's attractive

    I can't say that dedicated servers are expensive. Their services are full of useful resources which can be used to satisfy the needs of any web master.
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    Think in any case is the company which has provided their services with discounts which attract more clients to them. You now I prefer to use companies' services with coupons.
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    So cheap dedis hqhost company provides! What is their location? I mean their DC location.
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    Magento software

    I have seen that but simplehelix is more reliable and I have contact their support and they helped me much in coming to a right decision. Just remember the rule - get what you pay for!
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    What do you think of 6 or 12 months prepayment for hosting services? Hostingsource offers even discounts for their clients if they prepay. 6 Months Prepaid - 10% Discount! 12 Months Prepaid - 15% Discount!
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    unmetered servers is a European domain providers with low prices and high dedi performance with quality support and monitoring. They provide managed services as I see.
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    cPanel for free

    Want to say that has some new coupons on their services which I want to share with you. 2MONTHSFREE - 2 Free Months 3MONTHSFREE - 3 Free months
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    Magento software

    I see that is one of the best Magento supported company and tries to find something similar to compare but failed. Will try them.
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    Magento software

    What companies supports Magento software on their servers? I know only, do you know any others?
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    how stable they servers are

    @ OP, you can check out the stability of servers just trying them. They offer a summer special now and you won't spend much money on buying a dedi from them.
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    Windows plan

    I think of try both companies and I want to compare their services and then make up my mind which one to stick to finally. Prices are not high.
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    hostingsource dedis

    I see that is the company with a wide range of dedicated servers which are inexpensive at all. @ OP, do you want to use their Linux or Windows dedi?
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    Windows plan

    I am in two minds as I don't know which package plan to stick to - aspnix or allwebnow. These companies offers plans which are full of resources I need and prices are not high, their support is active and responsive. What would you do being in my place?
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    allwebnow dedi

    I have heard that has stable servers, and they offer discounts on their dedis, for example P4 Dedicated Server: coupon that offers 1 month free $99.95 off one time. (code: p4freemonth).
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    Instant Backups

    Instant backup which offers sounds really attractive for me as backup is the most important feature while running your business on-line.
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    Value Web Hosting

    Free hosting is scam. Use only paid one, you may start from the cheap one for just $1.99 per month ( They support their clients and you may rely on their help in case of having issues.
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    Full administrator and root access doesn't provide any Windows service, only Linux one. Their service isn't expensive, and as I understood that only managed VPS deals have admin access. Am I right?
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    cmbhosting shared hosting company offers low cost service for their customers. Customers also have access to their 24/7/365 technical support staff to assist them with any issues they may experience while hosting with them.
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    Free mahjong?

    I don't like Vista, I prefer the other one.
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    Full administrator and root access

    I just want to know if full administrator and root access are the same things or not. I have noticed that on the web site of and would like to know more about that.
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    game Server

    Have seen offers nice dedicated servers on different OSs, prices are average. Their dedis have no downtime and support fix issues fast if they occur.
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    I tend to believe to believe the testimonials that many companies provide, at least you may contact the web masters that left them on the web site of and and find out everything from them.
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    The easiest £400 you'll ever make

    Thanks for sharing this info with us.
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    contol panel demo

    Control panel is an essential thing for your web site management. Demo version that offers as well as some other companies has been done professionally with user-friendly interface. It's simple and easy-to-use. Nice one.
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    contol panel demo

    Have you got any idea of why some companies (, for example) provide control panel demo version?
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