Wallaby Dan

Traveled in a RV for 21 years. Hanging up the home on wheels for a stick and brick home.
Sep 20, 1952 (Age: 68)
United States
First Name
Location | City or Town
Wichita falls,Texas
About my Computer
Manufacturer: Asus
Model: m3a78-em
CPU: Phonom 2 X4 3GHz. 4 core 4 thread
RAM: 8gigs ddr2
Disk/RAID: 1 250gb ssd, 1 10000rpm 250gb raptor, one ssd 60gb,
Optical: dvdburnerX1
Network: rj 45,120up 15 down
Cooling: 6 fans
Power:650 antic tri power
Custom information:redboneu3 case
Operating System
OS:windows7 64 bit windows 10 pro 64 bit dual drive


Then the train was gone,and there was nothing but rails, the earth, the moon, the river and strong silence-and the haunting and immortal visage of America by night
Thomas Wolfe