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    How to establish myself as a credible ecommerce store owner to increase sales?

    There could be many things affecting your customer's trust in you. You have to research and look at shopping cart abandonment statistics to know what influences their trust the most. For example, research suggests that customers trust an ecommerce website more when they see a PayPal Verified...
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    Why error log in PHP is disabled as default?

    Hello everyone, I was not much of a PHP fan, because I've been using and creating websites on WordPress (the beloved drag and drop drama). When practicing on PHP, I learned about the php error logging and noticed that by default, the error log in PHP is disabled and you can enable the error log...
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    Website design in which programming language

    Always a treat to see such PHP threads. I came recently to a php error logging blog which precisely states why PHP is the most widely used programming language for developing web applications.
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