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Conversation Between joey065z and Spud1200
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  1. Spud1200
    12-15-2018 09:33 PM

    I got your message, I'm wanting to go in too Ubuntu further and learn more the CLI and BASH Scripting but hence because of this I have been looking in to setting up start up scripts in LM 18.x and I have found a lot of people hate systemd. My question is, why? Whats systemd all about. Whats the problem with it.

    In regards to the previous message, I'm running 16.04 Ubuntu Server because of the changes introduced in 18.04 . The network configurations are unmanaged and as such I have had problems with it setting p a VPN.

    But yeah systemd ! Whats that all about?
  2. joey065z
    12-15-2018 09:16 PM

    You can look into TeamViewer. I think it only works on X11 though. That is if the other person trusts you. You can fix their computer. No one would want to connect to any servers unless they trust you. Most of the time they just ignore you. Unless you are someone reputable like amazon--just saying. I don't know any use of multiple servers. You can install Nmap, Metasploit, John the Ripper, THC Hydra, OWASP, Wireshark, Reaver, Maltego, Cain and Abel and Nikto Vulnerability Scanner. This is if you are interested in CEH work. If you pass the CEH exam you can make six figures like Edward Snowden!!!
  3. Spud1200
    12-08-2018 05:44 PM
    Thought I'd leave you a message, nothing important but was going to mention that the systems I run I have just recently set up an account with World Community Grid (WCG) because I have somewhat of a medical background with ill health and now taking part in research.

    I know you are a privacy advocate like me online and I have my VPNs set up on all my systems except two being Ubuntu Server as I don't know how to edit the Networking file but the point of me saying this is if you have any ideas for the use of multiple systems in regards to something I can do with them I would be listening.

  4. joey065z
    11-11-2018 09:31 PM
    I ordered the book "Hacked Again". I got a free T-shirt. Ask Scott How. Look at my web page!!

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