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    Which would you chose for same price? LG 55UF6800 vs Samsung UN55JU6400

    I have the option to buy either of these tvs brand new with 5 year warrenty for the exact same price... Which TV would YOU chose in this scenario at this price and why? SAMSUNG UN55JU6400 55” 4K UHD SmartTV 4K UHD PurColor| Samsung UN55JU6400FXZA OR LG 55UF6800 LG 55UF6800 | LG Ultra HD TV |...
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    background static/fuzziness on second monitor.

    Hi, ive recently purchased a EVGA geforce 970gtx and decided to run dual monitors (non matching with different resolutions). My main monitor is set up via HDMI and it runs great and clear. The problem im having is with my second monitor that's hooked up via DVI port with a VGA cable and adapter...
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    960 gtx 4g vs 970 gtx

    Hi guys. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU and I am stick between two cards. Found two good deals on refurbished cards. Because i'm in Canada, i'm limited to Canadian sellers so here are the two i'm comparing. Looking to get the best card for the value. EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB SSC GAMING ACX 2.0+...
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    Buying a used gaming rig. Need help chosing.

    Trying to decide between two gaming rigs. There are two in my area that seem like decent deals. Need some advice on which to chose. Rig 1 - $500 CAD (~$400 USD) Cpu: Intel I3 4160 3.6 ghz dual core 4 thread processor Mobo: Z87 Pro ATX LGA 1150 with Wifi/Bluetooth v4 Ram: 16gb Corsair...
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    upgrade time!

    Hi, i think it's time to upgrade the rig... I'm running: q6600 CPU 2 GB ram nvidia 9800 GTX 26" lcd monitor antec 900 case wondering where potential bottlenecks might lie and where i'd get my best preformance boosts from? Definitely hoping to upgrade the gpu and ram for sure.. let me know...
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    no output to monitor

    how might i do this?
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    no output to monitor

    tried plugging it into another monitor and still no output....
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    no output to monitor

    I have an old toshiba laptop that has been having problems for a while now. Now, i don't even get an output to the laptop's monitor.. is there anything i can do?
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    Dvd copying program

    Perfect! thanks alot man, i will check that out!
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    Dvd copying program

    I'm looking for a program that will copy a DVD with only one burner in my PC. Is there such a thing? Where might i be able to get it? Thanks in advance!
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    computer shutting down while gaming

    Well i'm guessing the issue is the card over heating. I upped the fan speed and it pretty much fixed the problem untill i alt tabbed out of crysis and it did it again. Now i can't even boot windows. It gets to the screen where the vista loading screen and it freezes. ughhhhh!
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    computer shutting down while gaming

    when playing games, my computer will randomly shut down. it happens after about ten minutes of playing cod4 or like 5 mins of crysis. i just installed a new 9800 gtx+ so i'm thinking it maybe the problem. Secondly, i was wondering how 2X 8800gt sli would compare to a single 9800gtx+? thanks in...
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    installing 9800gtx - no signal to monitor

    nono lol i had to google RMA :P
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    installing 9800gtx - no signal to monitor

    did all that and still nothing. also, the card doesn't heat up at all. what exactly is RMA?
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