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Default Keeping native monitor res...but lowering game res?

My old monitor died, and its time for a new one. A complication, however, is that my monitor was a 1280x1024 monitor, and I could play recent games on my old GTX 570 video card with no problem.

Decent monitors today generally seem to have 1920x1200 or 1920x1080 native resolution. My poor graphics card, however, will explode if it plays recent games at those resolutions. I understand, however, that reducing the monitor's resolution from its native resolution is no good, and results in tessellation, blurriness in graphics and text, etc.

What is the result, however, of keeping the monitors resolution, but merely lowering the game's resolution in a ratio equivalent with the native resolution? If I lower the game's resolution setting (on a 1920x1080) monitor) to 1600x900 or even 1366768, sure, the image quality becomes that much less clear. But lowering the game's resolution won't cause he level of image degradation/tessellation associated with lowering the monitor's resolution, yes? No?

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Default Re: Keeping native monitor res...but lowering game res?

Lowering the games resolution does the same thing and can potentially give you a blurred image. That's not always the case though.

A 570 is still a rather decent GPU. It won't explode trying to play games on high with it. I know a 570 can handle Skyrim and BF3 quite easily at 1920x1200.

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Your 570 will actually thank you for the increase in resolution.

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