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Selazer 06-03-2017 08:38 AM

Duel Monitor HDMI/DVI quality
Hello, I've recently had a problem with an old monitor which suddenly had a yellow tint and worsened in quality and no fixes in colour management helped so Ive replaced it with a good quality Benq monitor (same as my main monitor). But as my gpu only has one hdmi slot I've been using dvi for it which is still the same bad quality as my worse and older monitor so i (mistakenly) bought an adapter to hdmi thinking it would improve the quality but it didn't. I've looked to see if getting a gpu with two hdmi slots would work but most forums say its not worth it. Im wondering if it could be due to my actual dvi slot on my desktop or if there's a fix to restore my new monitor to the quality it should have by changing settings somewhere or downloading a driver software, thanks.

Ive tried:
Colour management
Uninstalling drivers
Turning off for 10 minutes and turning on again

Thanks :)

PP Mguire 06-03-2017 01:04 PM

Re: Duel Monitor HDMI/DVI quality
Sounds like the DVI port on your GPU took a dump on you. In terms of connectivity DVI and HDMI utilize the exact same digital video signal.

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