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Default Hard drive fails File Structure test

Hello, I am new here.
I finally decided I would quit figuring out which forum belongs in, and decided this one was most relevant.
One of my two Seagate harddrives fails the file structure test. I did a reformat this past weekend, and then I ran a hard drive test after the Windows installation. The drive passed-- the PARTITION failed the file structure test.
I am running two Seagate ST3120026A drives. One is much newer. The newer one is the one that is showing up with issues, and has the OS on it. I don't know if the drive previously showed this problem, but the second older drive passes the tests.

I did a bunch of Windows check disk all over it, making sure I checked the "attempt to reallocate blah blah". This, apparently, did nothing. I then reformmatted and reinstalled Windows. Same result. File structure test fails.
Finally, I did a full zero fill on the drive, starting at about 14:00 CDT yesterday, I stopped it at 22:44 CDT at 94%. I assumed this did enough, and I formatted a new NTFS partition onto the drive with the Seagate utility. I did a scan--tests passed.
I proceeded to install Windows XP. This is Windows XP SP1 upgrade disk. It said I needed a previous version of Windows disk, and I dug through my CD collection quickly, and found Windows 95, covered in dust. The CD was in good condition, so I stuck it into the drive. Then it asked for the Windows XP disk. I made sure I selected the option to not do any changes to the file system on the drive.. At this time the drive is NTFS. I install Windows, then it takes forever to shut down. It shows the Shut down window with the color bar still moving and the computer still responsive. After about 30 minutes I hold the power button down to shut it off.
I restart to do the tests again. The drive passes the test, but the partition does not. I loaded into Windows, and the disk scanning didn't show up during Windows boot despite the fact I turned it off manually on the power switch. It seems everything is normal. I do the drive scans and "attempt to reallocate blah" and then do the Seagate drive tests again. The drive passes but the partition fails.

My system specifications are:

AMD Duron 1600
SOYO Sy-KT600 Dragon Plus V2.0
Two ST3120026A (Yes, I think Seagate rocks, ever since our very first 100 mb something Seagate hard drive (I don't use that drive anymore obviously. I opened it up, then threw it away.))
Optical drives... (I don't think exact specs are needed)
A floppy drive
PNY nVidia GeForce FX5500 128 mb AGP

Everything stayed the same as always... except I decided to add a few intake fans directed at the hard drives, I don't think this affects anything.

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Default Re: Hard drive fails File Structure test

No ideas?

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Default Re: Hard drive fails File Structure test

dont know if you have solved this yet. but if not. download Drive fitness test (google it) and use the iso to make a bootable cd. boot off that cd and test the drive.
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Default Re: Hard drive fails File Structure test

Do not worry about it, all seagates have a five year warranty, go to the seagate website and put in your serial number thats all you need. Then rma the drive and maybe you will get lucky like I did and receive a bigger drive.
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