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Default Computer Freezez

Forgive me for asking a newbie question with (probably) insufficent information and (possibly) for posting in the wrong forum. Lately my computer seems to inexplicably freeze for no good reason, and I'm beginning to think it may be a video card or video driver problem. Here's what I've noticed:
- The problem doesn't seem to occur when I'm in safe mode
- It seems to happen most often when I'm actively online (i.e. - downloading or on the net)
- Even when it is working, I get the "Windows Explorer closed unexpectedly" message on a regular basis
- The computer is totally unresponsive (including Ctl+Alt+Del), but the mouse still moves around, the animation on the mouse is active, and the NUM LOCK key on the keyboard works.

I have reinstalled XP a couple of times, but the problem persists. I have an ATI Saphire (RADEON) X300SE video card and an AMD Athlon 64 bit 3000+ (1.8 GH) CPU.

Thanks in advance for the help!! It's gotten to the point where the only way I can operate my computer with any degree of confidence is in safe mode!

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Sounds to me like you have adware/spyware running in the background. Download:

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I'm pretty sure it's not malware. On Wednesday nite I got fed up and completly reinstalled windows, all of the peripherals, key software, windows updates, etc. I made sure I installed the latest drivers. Four hour later ...
- I started running into a brand new problem. Windows doesn't freeze, but some programs just won't run
- e.g. - NERO is properly installed, but it I try to start it (either by clicking on the icon or through the "run" command), and nothing happens.
- e.g. - when I try to run add/remove, it tells me to "please wait while the list is being populated", but it never gets there
- e.g. - when I reinstalled Office 2003 from my install disk, there was a looonnnggg period of time between my clicking on the "install" button and the installation process actually beginning.
- e.g. - when I tried to shut it off, it simply refused to respond. I ended up diconecting the power supply to shut it off.

This is all since I reinstalled Windows Wednedsay Nite! Who knows what new horrors await. There was no chance to clog up the registry, infect the computer, etc. Once again, everything seems to work just fine in my old friend, SAFE MODE.

I really believe I'm dealing with a video card problem, and I don't know if the card is nackered or whether it's just overheating. I was having a problem with the HD's overheating, so a while ago I installed a number of fans. A couple of Hard Disk analysis utilities I run indicate thay are fine, but I ran SpeedFan this morning, and it indicated that something was overheating (I'm not sure what). If the Video card is overheating, I don't think I have any room to install any more fans! My power supply is a 550W, so I assume that's not it.

Can anyone offer any advice, or do I have to go back to my nintendo, typewriter and abacus?

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