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Default Processor and FPS

Recently got a new job so I will be looking to upgrade some part of my pc. I was a total noob when I built the **** thing and looking back made a lot of bad choices.

Video Card: Nvidia 7900 GT KO
Processor: Intel Pentium D @ 3.4ghz.
Memory: 2 GB DDR 667mhz

I seem to be struggling with fps. I suppose it could be some kind of bottle neck with my hardware. I feel like my video card is definitely good enough to run CS:S on the lowest settings at 100fps or higher, but when I'm in a server it does not. Actually...when I run a video stress test with my settings on full I get 250fps or higher average. When I'm in a server full of people (10-20 people) with all of my video settings turned down my fps can drop as low as 30.

In a nut shell I wanted to know if my processor could be what is holding my PC back or if it's my video card. With my video card pushing close to 300fps on the stress test with full settings I'm a little confused. Is it even possible for a processor to affect fps? Thanks for reading.

Intel Pentium D @ 3.4ghz
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Default Re: Processor and FPS

Well I could imagine some bottleneck in this situation, but your video stress test is showing up so high. But I think that the online play itself ruins the game, i show the same problems playing css on my build (sig). I can max out the game w/ over 200fps but as soon as you see more people online it can easily drop to 120.

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Default Re: Processor and FPS

THe only thing I see that can improve is the RAM, that's it. Everything else looks fine the way they are.
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Default Re: Processor and FPS

What res are you running at? Its a fairly well rounded system, but the cpu would be starting to show its age. Im sure you would see the difference with a new cpu, mobo and ram.
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Default Re: Processor and FPS

Everything there seems to be fairly decent. shouldn't be any bottlenecking to and extent. The ram should be fine, i would say its just online expierence thats burning your frames does the same happen with any other games?
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Default Re: Processor and FPS

thats not a bad com u should be alright dependin on the game u r playin
like new games would kill u a bit but like baron said probly coz u online try playin a off line game
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Default Re: Processor and FPS

I used to run at 1600 x 1200, but now I run all my games at 1024 x 768.

If it's because I'm online does that mean I need a new network card, or is it something else to do with online gaming that would cause fps drop.

It doesn't happen with any of my other games really. Just Counter Strike: Source. Could it be the physics and everything? Like rag dolls and physics props. My other games don't have any of that stuff. CoD2, BF2, BF2142, Company of Heroes and Command and Conquer 3 all run fine at max or close to max graphics.

Edit: high I actually set my graphics in game really has very little impact on my FPS. Could that mean it is my Memory or CPU?
Intel Pentium D @ 3.4ghz
Kingston 512 x 4 DDR2 RAM
Nvidia 7900 GT KO
200gb SATA
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Default Re: Processor and FPS

cs:s isn't really a CPU oriented game. I could play it with around 45-50 fps with 1 gig of ddr ram, a athlon 3000+ (not a 64) and a x1650 XT card.

but if it doesn't matter how you set your settings and you still get about the same fps, then I would say its a CPU issue, because ram would really have little to do in source.
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Default Re: Processor and FPS

Even with my 8800GTX I experience fps lag when in a full game. It also depends on the host/server and their internet connection. It's mainly the online play.

However, jumping from a Pentium 4 3.8Ghz to a E6750 @ 3.4Ghz more than doubled my fps in all the tests. It raised my 3dmark06 score by 8000. Obviously the P4 was bottlenecking the GTX.

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Default Re: Processor and FPS

well... in cs:s, a 7600gt owns it at 1600x1200, and u have a 7900gt KO which is wayyy better.. u should be getting more FPS, might wanna cheak the temps on ur 7900gt, or overclock a bit

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