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Default AMD or Intel?

ok, this is going to get into a huge debate and such but what is better, AMD or Intel? Lets go with gaming whats better?

- Welsh
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if you have money to waste intel (conroe, not pentium) is better. Right now Amd is much cheaper and you can save alot of money and still be set with games as long as you have a good graphics card.

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Intels new gen arguement
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Currently, Intel's Core 2 is the best, but, a few weeks ago, AMD's FX-22 was the best. It's a constant competition. It also depends upon what you need.
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intels conroes if you have money, amd if you want a cheaper alternative.

I prefer amd though, just me though
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Quote all the above^^^^^^
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Yea see people i have heard are saying for gaming you could just use a single core processor like the AMD 3700+ or 4000+, but then others say that the Intel Dual-Core E4400 is like the number one gaming and multitasking CPU out there right now but youll have to spend the lil extra buck.
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AMD all the way (the only intel i owned was a 1.7ghz celeron)
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you have yourself a competitive priced intel performer that should take out the AMD equivalent.
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There will be a slight boost in performance for gaming with a dual core just due to the fact that one core can handle task bar apps., leaving the other core free to process the game for the most part, alone. If you dont really run other apps. in the background then go single, it would certainly be cheaper with not a huge loss in performance. If you got the money, 6700-4400 duo would be my choice, if not then amd is offering very good cards as well for a cheap price.

Hope this helped

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