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Default Internet Inconsistency

For the past 5 years my internet for some reason has been absurdly inconsistent. My ISP is Spectrum.
Okay at first is started small, for whatever reason my internet would either slow drastically, or go completely out whenever the microwave was on. This was weird I thought, but didn't impact me that much.
Then sometimes the internet would be very slow every couple of weeks.
Now things are completely ridiculous. My internet is very laggy sometimes, and sometimes its good. Sometimes the internet will be literally perfect for like 3 weeks, then it'll start doing the same lagging for 3 minutes, then going back to normal for 40 or so seconds, then lagging for another 3 minutes etc. It never stops, and it prevents any sort of network streaming such as live stream viewing or gaming. Because it will have sudden lag spikes every second or so that'll literally cause everything else to go to hell. Im patient, I really am, but it's getting annoying at this point. What is causing this? And how can I fix it?

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Default Re: Internet Inconsistency

Is this using the ISP-provided router/modem?

Is this happening on your PC, phone, all devices?

If it's also happening on your PC, is it over wireless? Have you tried hardwiring directly int your modem/router via ethernet, and see if the issue goes away on that system?

if the problem goes away on ethernet, but stays on wireless...I'd bet you're using a 2.4GHz router, and it's picking up interference. How many other wifi hotspots are there around you? If there's quite a few, most likely what it is. The microwave can also affect 2.4GHz signals if the microwave has poor shielding.

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Default Re: Internet Inconsistency

Yup what he said, considering you mentioned microwave I too will assume 2.4GHz wifi. If your router doesn't support 5GHz then call Spectrum and get them to upgrade you to something modern. If your PC doesn't have a 5GHz capable wireless card but your router supports 5GHz then go online and grab yourself a 15-20 dollar Wireless AC USB dongle that supports 5GHz.
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