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Default College IT Career Help

Long story short: I'm 19 and plan to pursue a career in IT. I completed 1 year of university basically filling gen-ed requirements, was previously a CIT major. Decided to transfer and switch to CS, then realized i will not be able to pass a college calc class for the life of me, dropped out a few weeks after and got a partial refund. My local CC offers an 11 week semester for students who people who didn't register in time(Or dropouts, like myself)

With my 30 credits that will transfer to my local CC, i will have all gen-ed finished and i can basically get started on my major. I have to decide whether i want to take classes that go towards my old college or basically get my associates degree at my local CC. If i were to get my associates, i would want to do dual associates; my CC offers NetworkIT and Computer science(No math). I can probably finish up the 2 associates in a year and a half.

My question is: How does an associates weigh out in the IT field? Should i take classes this semester that will transfer to my old university, or pursue a dual associates?(Will be saving a lot of money, even though i already wasted about $30k for a year of university). I want the CS degree as well to have a more well-rounded resume, and the programming courses shouldn't be too hard for me. I don't plan to pursue a programming job. Would having 2 associates in CS and NIT be equal to having a Bachelors in CIT? My plan is work as a network admin hopefully in a school district.

University CIT BS Curriculum:

Community College CS and NetIT Curriculum: ,

(my life is a mess, plz help)

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Default Re: College IT Career Help

Would having 2 associates in CS and NIT be equal to having a Bachelors in CIT?

Having an associate's is not as good as a bachelor's, but it's better than nothing. Having a second associate's would be pretty worthless. I would go for an associate's that can be transferred to a 4 year school - at some point you will probably want a bachelor's. You don't need one to succeed, but not having it does limit your options and make things tougher.

People who are able to get hired with only an associate's usually work their way up to a position where the employer will pay for a bachelor's or better.
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