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Default New member, here, please read this

Looking around in the search engine, i came across this thread:

Thats another one of my aliases, but thats not me and i am pretty sure if the admin or mod would check that person's ip address, its not me. See the truth is, i am all over the internet, in terms of message forums, and alot of people go around jocking me. And thats alright, but also creepy :amazed:

Anyway, here is my real profile.

Real name , shawn vegas, 23, born in russian, living in beverly hills, ca
Married, her name is angel, 26, born in london, 2 tattoos, i have 12 tattoos.

My faith, well the dude got that part right lol.

And no i have no plans to bring back the dreamcast, even tho i thought about it, but i turn it around and have plans to bring out the same games which i had plan for on the dreamcast, for the pc area. Which is the better choice if you think about it.

Lets see, i do own a pc, windows 98 se, 600MHZ, 512megs of ram, ATI Radeon 7000 64MB PCI Video Card, over 390 pc games. And no i dont need a upgrade, my computer is just fine. I do however plan on buying windows xp for my newer newer games, but windows 98 se is the best OS in my opinion. Seems to be more stable and it plays the old games just fine.

I run my own abandonware online gaming site and forum. I have a xbox, pc, neo geo, 8 arcade units, dreamcast, psone, and n64.

And yes , we have 8 cats, and 2 rabbits and we plan on buying 2 baby ducks when season 5 of smallville comes on. Dont ask, just something we wanted to do. So that day should be alot of fun. We also enjoy dressing our pets, but i wont get into all that.

Alright, I have plans to change the world soon I hope before winter of 2007.

And in that dude's sig, i dont know what he is talking about, about tupac. Well first things first, i dont listen to rap music anymore, i gave it up long time ago. But i use to be the biggest westcoast fan ever(trust me when i say this) , or one of them. I use to represent Makaveli, the outlawz, and deathrow records, and all that stuff, but time went by, and i gave it up.

Now do i believe that pac is dead? Well, if you didnt know already, chuck D started the rumors back in 96 or 97, and i am the one who made the bridge for it. Meaning, i am the don of alive theories, about 90% of all the theories you see on the net, came from me. Theories and bs is 2 different things, the 7 year coming back thing is bs lol, and i didnt start that part, but the other stuff, yea thats my stuff.

I do believe pac is alive, and until someone answer all my questions, which they wont, Makaveli lives on. I'm not a rap fan anymore, and i dont dwell on the issues anymore, so you know, its in the past and thats that.

Anyway, glad to be here, peace.

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Good to have you, even if I may not agree with you on all points.

Join in, have fun, and play nice.

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welcome but i think windows 2000 is the best windows os
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Cliff notes??

Welcome anyway!!
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Originally posted by matt2m
welcome but i think windows 2000 is the best windows os
You thought you could get away with saying that because it isn't in the windows forum huh . 2K is evil discontinued scrapes of code. XP loads 15% faster and runs apps 10% faster. Vista loads 25% faster than 2k and runs apps 20-25% faster. Windows 2K is outdatted on IIS and other various services as well.
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