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triplettomy 04-12-2017 07:48 PM

Good Camera?
Hey everyone,

I am looking for a new camera to take on a trip.... I am looking for a good one (hopefully bundle) that takes good pictures but doesn't break the bank.... Looking to spend up to $500..... What brands are good ? I have been looking at Sony, Nikon, and Cannon.... Had my eye on Cannon Rebel T6.... Not sure if that is good either...

Thank you,

S0ULphIRE 04-12-2017 08:20 PM

Re: Good Camera?
The Nikon D3400 is pretty great for a beginner, will take excellent shots and won't break the bank. You can get a kit with the body + 18-55mm lens for under $500 off B&H, but definitely shop around to make sure you're getting the best deal.

triplettomy 04-12-2017 08:47 PM

Re: Good Camera?
Do you recommend any cannon... Or what is the basic difference? Preference ?

bigdog33 04-13-2017 07:54 AM

Re: Good Camera?
Brand doesn't really matter, the person behind the camera takes good photos :) I have Canon for about 5 years now and I love it. Important question is what are u going to use camera for? Landscape? Night photography? Wild life? Etc.... I have Canon 70D with 18-55mm STM and 55-250mm STM lens. Those lens are amazing, very good and affordable lens. If you can save or fork up about 60 dollars more plus taxes. This is GREAT deal and it comes with a year warranty as well. I bought mine refurbished from there as well, it was ALMOST brand new. Their customer services are great!

Can look around on there, 1 thing for sure.... DO NOT get a bundle with 75-300 III lens... its 1 of worst lens on the market. My first bundle 5 or 6 years ago came with 1 and not impressed at all.

PP Mguire 04-18-2017 11:47 AM

Re: Good Camera?
I just got a Sony a6000, I don't really like big DSLR type cameras.

Laurence_Burke 10-09-2017 06:46 AM

Re: Good Camera?
I will suggest you buy Canon Cameras because Canon has awesome camera and also No1.

i_user 10-20-2017 06:46 AM

Re: Good Camera?
Nikon D3300 is a good option. I am not a professional but I think its a pretty good camera for beginners plus it`s not that expensive. :)

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