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Default Modding My Case


I currently own this case: - COOLER MASTER Stacker 830 Evolution RC-830-KKN3-GP Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Computer Cases

I have never done any modding of any kind, and so I have some questions that I hope some of you will be able to answer.

1) First of all, I want to paint the inside of the case, as I will be putting a window in. Now I am familiar with the painting steps and all, but is it a bad idea to paint the innards of the case. Like, would the paint start coming off because of the heat?

2) I want to put a window on both sides of the case, because if I don't do both it will look uneven cause of the bumps. I will have to get rid of the 4 fan holder thing (if you look at the pictures you will know what I mean). But if I am water cooling it, does it really matter if I have any fans?

3) Another thing, I kind of want to paint the outside of the case too, it be black also, but I want to paint it because it feels really weird right now. If you ever seen this case you might know what I mean. The best way I can think of describing it would be jaggedy. I want to make it a shiny black though, and I don't know if it is possible with this kind of material. If anyone has any idea what I am talking about please give me some advice.

4) Also, I remember once seeing a guide on water cooling, like picking parts and all that, on these forums. Maybe I am wrong but, if anyone knows of it, please say so. Also I would google it, but I trust the stuff here far more than anywhere else, so if I could get the one I saw here that be good. Or if anyone know of any good guides, please let me know.

I know I had more questions, but I can't remember right now, so I will put them up when I remember. Thanks.

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Default Re: Modding My Case

1. its ok to paint it.
2. you will need fans no matter what because you'll need airflow for the NB/SB.
3. Its called brushed alumium. I think you'll need a good primer to adhere to it before painting.

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Default Re: Modding My Case

Ok, I will look into painting that brushed aluminum. For the fans, will it be sufficient if I have:

1 x Front

1 x Top
1 x Back

Also I can put two more in the bottom, should I have them sucking in or blowing out?
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Default Re: Modding My Case

By bottom, do you mean under the case? That won't really help a lot, unless your case is a good 2-3 inches off your desk.

The general rule of thumb is front+low=intake, rear+high=exhaust.

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Default Re: Modding My Case

Ok, I will remember that. And my case is maybe a little more than 2 inches off the floor, so should I just put those in for extra?
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Default Re: Modding My Case

eh. i would say probably not, only because 2 inches isn't that much and your likely to be just blowing air out of the case and having it shoot back up into the case. If you could angle the fans then you'd be fine.
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Default Re: Modding My Case

I was actually going to have them be intake on the bottom, since they would blow right at my video card? Also about the liquid cooling guide, I am an idiot, I found it, so yeah. Another question on painting though, I was painting the inside of my case and being the ADD retard I am, I rushed through everything in less than an hour. So I want to restart, so I would just resand using 220 grit and then redo everything?

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