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Default Re: WiFi conneciton issue

Originally Posted by SouZaclabam View Post
Good Afternoon everyone,

I'm encountering an issue with my wifi connection basically I've connected my pc using a wireless connection using a wifi adapter and I'm getting half the download speed that I'm getting on my phone for example on my phone I'm getting 6-8Mbps but on my pc I'm having around 2-4Mbps.

Any ideas on how i can fix my issue, thanks in advance!!
First thing to keep in mind is that wifi connection will never be as good as a wired connection.

Your download and upload speed will depend on the position of the device to the router/access point, and the quality wifi adapter/antenna's, any other interference from other wireless devices and bandwidth used (if other websites or programs are using the internet on the device whilst doing speedtest).

With regards to comparing against your phone, it could simple be your phone has a better wifi adapter and antenna, but also in a better position to the router/access point.

What is the download and upload speed you actually pay for?
What wifi adapter did you buy - make and model?
where is your computer in proximity to your router/access point in the building, how far away would you say it was?
Is there any solid walls in between your computer and router/access point?
How many other wireless devices or routers are in the building?
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