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Default Re: how to stop a site from reloading which takes a long time

Originally Posted by carnageX View Post
That'll only work for whole-page refreshes. Sounds like the site is doing partial post-backs, or Ajax queries from javascript to load content.
Correct. Well, correct as in pressing escape doesn't work.

Can you scroll through the whole questionnaire to pre-load all of the questions, and then go back and answer them? Is this during a "peak time" when lots of people may be using the site, and they're throttling connections?
Fraid not. That's what I tried multiple times. As soon as I answer one of the questions the whole thing automatically 'refreshes' and I'm back to seeing 5 at a time. No I don't believe this is related to peak-timing. Is there a way I can easily record my screen to show you what's happening? Of course that may be too much trouble for you to see and I can appreciate that.

EDIT - I ended up making a recording anyway. That was simple! No worries if you're too busy to see it though. I'm on a different computer now and the site loaded so much faster than earlier, so that's great! But still took a while.
Here's the link:
It's a 71 second video. Here you can see I tried to load all the questions by pressing the End button on my keyboard. It took until the 0:42 mark for them to finish loading (so you can skip the first 40 seconds if you like). 0:42-0:54 I was answering one of them. And then I have to start from the beginning, pressing the End button to load everything.
Edit Again: sorry that link doesn't seem to work once posted here for some reason. Here's another one. Password is 123456

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