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Default Re: how to stop a site from reloading which takes a long time

Originally Posted by i2D View Post
Press "ESC" button, whilst page loads
That'll only work for whole-page refreshes. Sounds like the site is doing partial post-backs, or Ajax queries from javascript to load content.

Originally Posted by bigdan View Post
i use okcupid quite a bit. in that when i'm going through a match's questions and answers it typically shows 5 questions at a time. if i want to see more i scroll down, then more loads, i scroll down, then more loads, etc. sometimes this can take a whole minute or more.

now the problem is if i want to comment on one of her questions, once i press enter, i have to load the whoooole thing again. so another minute to load everything. if i want to make another comment, the cycle repeats. so it can take like 5-10 mins sometimes just to load the page a few times.

is there away to either speed up the loading of a page; or more importantly, once i've loaded it, to not have to reload it each time?
Can you scroll through the whole questionnaire to pre-load all of the questions, and then go back and answer them? Is this during a "peak time" when lots of people may be using the site, and they're throttling connections?
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