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Default Re: upgrading internal hard drive on PS4 PRO

Originally Posted by TechnoChicken View Post
why do you need 2tb of storage for a ps4?
Because games are large.

Don't waste a ton of money on a 2TB for the PS4 unless you just got cash to burn, and don't put it internal.

I currently have a 512GB SSD that I had spare as internal in my PS4 Pro and went the distance to get an NVMe 1TB for an external for it. Keeping your drive external is your best bet for where ever you want games that need speed as USB3 is faster than the internal port.

Does it help significantly? No. It was more of a "can I do it" kinda thing cause I was bored. Is it faster than the internal spinner? Absolutely but the value of that all depends on the person. Mainly because it seems some games are hard set on the time whether it loads faster or not, and others it makes a huge difference like GTA. Thing is, for the most part you'll be waiting on decompression from the CPU before the SSD real speed kicks in. So I'd just get a 1TB for an external and move games to extended storage.
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