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Default Re: Looking For $1500 Laptop Help

Originally Posted by gthirty7s View Post
hey guys im looking for a laptop that is 17 inches and has at least 4TB ssd
looking to game on it sometime and want it to be thin can anyone help me choose one please
thank you guys
  • Sorry, but laptop and 4TB SSD??? Why?
  • Are you going to start using it as a server?
  • And Your headline says "Looking For $1500 Laptop". Which one do you want - a laptop or you want get rid of your money?
  • My recommendation - first of all look for a good laptop and if needed, add later as much memory as You want. SSD's are now so cheap and most of good laptops already have two places, ie for traditional SSD and for NVMe. And the new NVMe-s are so small, for example mine is about 2cm x 2cm x 3mm and it's 256GB.
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