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Default Switching to Xfinity from Verizon

Hi all. Has anybody switched or know someone that has switched from Verizon to Xfinity. Paying $220/month for 5 lines with 10GB shared data on Verizon - we never used more than 3 GB. Monthly fee for 3 GB shared by all 5 phones at Xfinity is $30 month. Switching would cost me the cost of one phone as my Droid z3 isn't compatible. I hate the phone anyhow because it's not working properly. So have to payoff the Z3 phone= $165. Plus buy a new phone either unlocked or at Xfinity. Then transfer the 4 iPhones over. They will give me $50 gift cards for each iPhone transferred= $200 in gift cards. Never had a high end phone and don't want to pay more than $500 for a new phone. Looking at Best buy and Xfinity there are 2 phones than seem to work for me= Google pixel 3A or Samsung Galaxy A51. Prefer Android as it is what I am used to.

Looking for opinions on switching and on phones - or a different phone you may think is better but still in my price range that is compatible with Xfinity.
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