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Default Re: Help find a "cure"

I started around 5pm yesterday. Only ramped up a couple GPUs in the iLab and 2 weren't even getting units. The CPUs got none. I think somebody said COVID-19 units were in the 1171 project range or something like that. An RTX 2080 ripped through it in about 20 minutes with over a 1mil PPD est avg in the software lol. It's too bad as soon as it was done there were no more units in the next 3 hours I was there. I'm really curious if it's using RT and Tensor cores but there's no way to check it.

If I had the right amount of machines up there I could use 2 Titan Blacks, 2 Titan X Maxwells, 2 Titan Xps, 3 Quadro P4000s, and 2 RTX 2080s (if I took my second to work). Can't imagine what PPD would be with all those but I only have 3 machines available in this iLab and unfortunately they only have 2 6pin PCIE power cables each.
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