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Default Re: Looking for a VPN?

Their are a lot of good VPN Providers. I personally use TORGuard. Being a VPN, its going to be multipurpose and not just for certain things when it comes to your browsing habits. TORGuard have or did have when I signed up too them a 50% off deal for a Bi-Annual Subscription.

They also have a very flexible E Mail in house service of 50GiB Limit. They also have built in tools along with various checking services for your privacy online and this is just me but I have not seen many service providers who will advertise their VPN Service specifically for Torrent use. Hence TOR Guard. TOR being for torrent.

Again they also provide 24 \ 7 Support threw in house mail and have full encryption of their or your mail accounts what is designed along with many other things for MITM Attacks.

Dedicated DNS Servers in house for public use and a wealth of knowledge for beginners to experienced on their forums and knowledge base .

No logs goes with out saying and they also have a compatible Android App .

What I'm saying is they are good and so are many more I guess its down to how much you wanna pay really and what you will get in return .
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