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Default Re: My home project for learning and entertainment...But I need your help

Originally Posted by Lexluethar View Post
Since you've run the dcpromo command and setup the domain, have you created authorized users / computers in the domain? Make sure you have setup at least authenticated users on the domain and log in using their credentials you've setup. Also join the PC to the domain, something that will require a domain admin credentials.

I'm running 2008 R2 on a VM, i've connected a few XP machines and Vista machines to the Domain that i created on the VM. No issues, just had to join the PC to the domain that the server created then I have to log into the domain with an authenticated user.

Your home PC isn't on the domain, so you won't be able to remote in.
Yup I do remember creating authorized users and computers on the domain. I never did log on with them though, yup I did see that it requires a password to join the domain which I setup doring the dcpromo install. I will try messing around with it later on.

P.S you're always respond to my threads thanks
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