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Default Re: Redirecting Program Files and Program Files(x86) in Vista/Win7.

Originally Posted by _SomeOne_ View Post
Either you didnt understand my question or i dont understand you.

With the guide i posted the desktop = the HDD.. So if i save stuff on the desktop it will save it on my HDD and not my SSD.
No you dont seem to understand how Windows fully works.

The guide you posted is NOT the HDD = the Desktop. Cause User Profiles are not the only thing that make up a user desktop. That is just 1 aspect of many that come into play when using Windows. You still need Explorer.exe, DWM.exe and many other files which ARE stored on the SSD to see the desktop.

Therefor it is as I have said. Both drives. You can't separate 1 aspect of Windows from the other. All you did was move a file location. You did not move what it takes to operate that file. Try to bring up your desktop and have it work with only the files you have on the HDD and not with anything on the SSD. You will see that you cant.

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