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Default Re: What to do? (Processor Question)

Originally Posted by cheezhead18 View Post
Amd gt player--- what is the difference of a opteron and an athlon? i wikied it and it says that opty's are amd's "server" processor line... also, why not get more than the 5000+(just wondering)

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the opteron is a server chip, but runs very well in day to day activyti's usually a litle more expensive due to a higher quality silicon, it oc's a lilte farther to and withstands more heat, itl work just as good as a desktop chip, now for the 5000+ i said 5000+ black edition which has an unlocked multiplier meaning he can over clock it very easdaly by just increasing teh multipler and the core voltage, if he wanted to go even farther he can oc front side bus, aswell as the multiplier and then the core voltage, but with the multiplier, you can get up to 3.3ghz on air with a 0.05 volt increase. un like the 6400+ black edition the 5000+ black edition is 65nm die so it stays cooler and actually alows you to oc it more, the 6400+be only goes to about 3.4 from 3ghz which isnt much for amd the 5000+ black edition is the best bang for your buck chip.
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