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Default Re: should i get this processor?

wow lets give a little more info-

first off pretty much ANY quad core will DESTROY dual cores- why.. simple math... 4 is more then 2.

As far as it goes Iam not real sure what it compares to Intel side- but unless your holding out for Phenoms its pretty much the best AMD your going to find- reletively cheap.

I THINK (no real gurantee Iam sure Ill be corrected) that its ABOUT equal to the E4600 , since intel's series goes up past E6600- its a little behind. (and is only dual core with it as well)

Honestly I'd wait and see what Phenom does to the market- prices are bound to fall anyway from competition and you (and myself) will only benifit from newer technology coming out (even if we don't buy what just came out)

As for buying the whole computer for that chip or whatever you plan- won't be worth it- for what youll have to replace to make it "up to par" you'd save money buying piece by piece.
Motherboard is first thing in mind- AM2+ boards are much better for the new quads they have coming out (along with some of the duals they have out now) and you probably won't be getting that if your buying a full computer with a 6000+ chip in it.

Hit newegg and do some pricing - remember things are bound to drop with new stuff out and AM2+ boards aren't highly available yet.
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