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Default Re: 2900gt @ $169.99

Originally Posted by veedubfreak View Post
Well the same can be said for nvidia. The supposed revamped GTS is just a way for nvidia to dispose of their now obsolete g80 cores. And of course im overclocked, thats like asking me if i drive the speed limit with no cops around.
lol, sorry, should've of known

but, the 8800GT and the soon-to-be-released 8800GTS V2 are G92-cores last I heard, not G80's

Which is kinda weird really, that Nvidia would do that, but I'm guessing their commercial success has left them with little chip overstock to release clocked-down/neutered versions of their card, although, they did do that initially rather than later on (as ATI did) with the 320GTS, 640GTS, GTX and of course ULTRA on top.
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