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Exclamation Overclocking the q6600 on the P35 DS3R

So I finally got a tuniq tower and replaced my stock HSF. I was looking at the bios and found that the p35 DS3R mobo reports the normal CPU vcore as 1.2875 V ( this the stock q6600 voltage? ). What I don't understand is there is a FSB Overvoltage control and a CPU voltage control, which one do I have to boost up ( or boost down people are saying ) to get an overclock from 2.4 to 2.7 ghz. Also whats the (G) Multi Overvoltage control do?

Lastly Im guessing the bus number is labeled as CPU Host frequency (mhz ) is the number I have to change to get the overclock. Is there a program free program out there that I can use to test the stability of my system after the overclock?

ADDED: Wow overclocking is a lot more confusing then I thought. I just realized I might have to change my FSBRAM ratios if I bump up the FSB. I have 2 gigs of ddr800 ram and my system is default to set at 2:3. Can someone explain what this means to me and what I should change it too?
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