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Default Re: Overclocking 8800GT

Originally Posted by veedubfreak View Post
I've had the artifact scanner going for 5 minutes now @710. These card for overclocking i think 700/2000 like the SSC cards is about the most you can expect. The bigger issue is that these cards are already pretty much maxxed out and the overclocking doesnt scale very well at all. I picked up an extra 400ish points in 3dmark06 by OC'ing the cards from 650/950 to 700/1000 but i think i got more of a boost from the extra 50mhz on my CPU that day.

3 day weekend coming up, im gonna leave the door open and try to get the apt down to about 55F and see if i can get the quad up to 3.8 and go for 19k 3dmark06
funny that you mention that...i noticed a bigger difference as well in my fps/3dm when i overclocked my cpu versus a change in card speed.

you can clock core and memory independently.
as far as artifact scanner, ati tool has one, there is also another one called rgftgbil (lol someone help me out) or something.
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